The Hot Drink Detox You Need To Try For A Healthy Life



A tea detox might sound like one of those fads designed to help you lose weight. But in reality, drinking tea can be good for you. If you choose healthy, caffeine-free tea’s and supplement them with a healthy lifestyle, you can be your best self. There are teas that can boost your mood, help you fall asleep faster, give you more energy and help clear up your skin.

If you’re trying to be your best self, you might think about incorporating these hot drinks into your life. Here’s to a healthier and happier 2018!


1. For your morning wakeup call



Turmeric is really good for you, this golden spice reduces inflammation and helps to soothe bloating. It’s an antioxidant that might even help against serious diseases. It’s perfect to start your morning off on the right foot, it’ll give you a nice warm wake up in the morning and help you feel buzzed, energetic, and healthy. This recipe is pretty easy to follow and even includes ginger, which will help boost your immune system and give you energy! Find it here.


2. A mid-morning energy boost



Green tea has antioxidants that strengthen your immune system, protects you against free radicals (aka premature aging) and make you feel boosted and positive. Instead of a mid-morning snack, why not have a mid-morning smoothie. This one contains so much goodness, and will keep you going until lunchtime. Find the recipe here.


3. Sleep well



Chamomile tea is so good for relaxing your mind, soothing anxiety and getting you off to a good night’s rest. This chamomile tea recipe also contains lavender, which means it’s the perfect tea to nod off and start counting sheep. This one is also great if you have trouble sleeping and wake up in the middle of the night, the act of making the tea should de-stress you and help you calm down. Find the recipe here.


4. When you’re under the weather




So whenever you’re feeling a little under the weather, Chai tea is the one for you. It’s been praised in India for centuries as it has amazing antioxidant properties and is even known to boost your immune system! It also will help bring you peace of mind and is even known to help your digestion! Wow, all of that from one cup of tea – not bad! Find the recipe here.


5. When you feel nauseous



Ginger is well known for aiding and curing an upset stomach when traveling and feeling a little nauseous! So if you’re prone to travel sickness, a cup of ginger tea before you go will really do you the world of good! Ginger tea is also really good for bloating – so if you’re feeling a little unlike yourself then one cup of ginger tea is all that’s needed. Find the recipe here.


6. When you’re having stomach troubles



Whenever you’ve got an upset stomach, peppermint tea will really sort you out. And it is sometimes known as the stomach healer as it’s renowned to heal all stomach ailments. It even helps promote healthy digestion and will cure you of your most painful stomach problems! Find the recipe here.



Are you going to try this tea detox?



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