How To Remove Negativity From Your Life For Good

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We all want to be the best version of ourselves that we can be, that’s just human nature and while it’s perfectly normal, is it really very good for us? Most of us are far too critical for our own good, beating ourselves up over silly little things that really don’t even matter, like the time we didn’t quite reach a deadline or we didn’t get top marks in something. As trivial as these things may seem they can eat away at you and really stop you from reaching your full potential if you don’t learn to overcome them.

In this inspirational TED Talk given by Psychologist Alison Ledgerwood, she discusses how to stop yourself from focusing on the negatives and how to move past them. If you struggle with negativity, click here to learn how to turn it into positivity and focus on experiences, not rewards.

As someone who hasn’t ever really delved into the world of TED talks before I was always sceptical of how a simple 10 or 15-minute video can really change your outlook and your view on a subject matter, can it really leave a lasting impression? The honest answer is yes it can, I found myself transfixed by her words, nodding along to everything she was saying because it was so relevant and relatable.

You might also struggle to keep up with social media, so you’ll need to do a digital detox, read about giving up your phone and why you shouldn’t compare yourself to what you see online in order to thoroughly banish the negative influences from your life!

Is the glass half full?

The discussion of whether you see a glass half full or half empty was particularly interesting, how you see the world determines whether you focus on what you have gained or what you have lost in certain situations. It opens your eyes about how quick you can be to count your losses and dwell on what went wrong instead of trying to see the positives and focus on the things you did succeed at.

This is to date one of my favourite TED talks, it encouraged me to take note each day of something positive, to talk about the things that were getting me down and then move on from them and leave them behind.

It’s easier said than done sometimes but this video is definitely a good place to start.

Do you have any TED Talks worth a watch, we would love to know?



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  1. great post! yoga has really helped me remove negativity from my life =o)

  2. Thanks for sharing this inspirational post. It’s inspired me to look at my life and how I can better it through positivity and learning to move on.

  3. This is some solid advice! I’m definitely the type of person who sees the silver lining in most situations, but when I’m having one of those days I find I’m exceptionally negative-thinking and I’m not sure why. I can’t wait to watch the TED Talks!

  4. Great TEDTALK share — thank you. It is SO EASY to think about the negatives! It is super helpful to realize that most of our minds get stuck in that framework and we have to be mindful to drudge ourselves out of it!

  5. I love this! TED Talks are some of my favorite things, and I think fostering positivity in any situation is a skill that takes a lot of time to build, and not many people set aside the effort necessary to do it.

  6. Thank you so much for this. Just what I needed right now!

  7. I’ve been hearing a lot about digital detoxes lately, I think its a really good idea and very necessary. I’m sure I saw a documentary years ago about addiction to technology centres that were established in China, I thought it strange at the time but now I can see their validity. Thank you for sharing the link to the TED talk, I am going to watch it now.

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