Ten makeup mistakes you might be making!

Although we all have our differences when it comes to beauty products and application, there are some universal mistakes that are really easy to make. It’s good to know what’s going wrong and how to change it, some of these mistakes are really easily done and I’m guilty of just about all of them. After spending a ridiculous amount of time cringing over pictures of my power brows phase I feel like it’s time to move on and make sure that I don’t make any rookie errors ever again, so here’s the ten makeup mistakes you might be making and how to correct them!

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#1 Wearing the wrong shade of foundation!
It’s so easy to match yourself to a shade of foundation and just go with it! Finding the right shade for you relies on the undertones of your skin, and is actually pretty complex, this video by Lisa Eldridge does a good job of explaining what you’re looking for and how to match it to your chest and neck.

#2 Not blending your foundation!
To avoid having a line between your face and neck where your foundation ends, it’s important to blend it into your jaw and neck properly using your fingers or a brush. I used to be guilty of wearing an orange foundation on my face and ignoring my extremely pale neck, so I know how badly this can look if you don’t do it.

#3 Ignoring your summer skin!
It’s weird to think that we still wear our winter foundation during the summer months when our skin can be up to three shades darker. It’s best to match your skin again during the hot months, if you’re still alright with your winter foundation then good for you, if not, it might be time to invest in a summer foundation to avoid covering up your gorgeous summer glow!

#4 Wearing the wrong shade of blusher!
Blusher should always complement the colour your cheeks naturally go when you’re feeling a little bit embarrassed (or tipsy in my case) not work against your skin tone and give you an extra rosy look. Remember that if you’re wearing a dark lip to go lightly with your blush, and if you’re using bronzer instead of blusher – be sparse!

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#5 Applying makeup to dry skin!
Read our guide to skin problems if you’re not sure whether you suffer from something that needs you to take your makeup routine into consideration. It’s always better to exfoliate once a week and moisturise daily with dry skin to avoid your foundation building up on your face and becoming flakey!

#6 Overdoing your eyebrows!
Although Cara Delevingne rocks the dark power brow, it rarely works on impulse. Apply your eyebrow product lightly, or invest in one shade lighter than your eyebrow hair to avoid giving your brows that blocked in look, also it’s worth using less product at the start of your brows to mimic the natural sparseness of this area.

#7 Wearing too much mascara!
You’ll know when you’ve overdone it on the mascara front because your lashes will resemble spiders legs and may even be clumping together to form one giant lash. Nobody wants that, so make sure you have a mascara brush with fine teeth to separate any lashes that get overloaded with product.

#8 Matte lipstick on dry lips!
You want your lips to look flawless, not like you’re suffering from a cold, so use a gentle sugar scrub to rid yourself of any pesky flakes.

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#9 Dirty brushes!
Arguably the biggest makeup mistake you can commit, applying your makeup with brushes that aren’t regularly cleaned encourages bacteria to spread all over your face! It’s pretty gross and can even leave your skin looking dull. Brushes pick up pigment far better when they’re nice and clean as well, so to avoid any black eyeshadow from last weekend accidentally entering your nude eyeshadow look it’s best to give them a regular clean with a gentle makeup remover or shampoo.

#10 Harsh lip liner!
The best way to ‘blend’ lip liner and stop your lips from looking obviously drawn on, is to use concealer as a base, draw only a little outside your natural lip and fill in the top quarter of your lip before blending with a clear gloss or balm. A handy guide can be found here.

  1. Great post! I am definitely guilty of the opposite – wearing summer foundation in winter – This is a problem I have now resolved haha, luckily my skin colour doesn’t change as much as some peoples throughout the different seasons! Would love to hear what type of make-up brushes you use as I am dying for some new ones! x


  2. I am so guilty, I use the same foundation come rain or shine. I never tan anyway, just erupt in bouts of freckles! I have such an eclectic mix of brushes from Dior to Ruby and Millie but I’m thinking of doing a bit of research into the best makeup brushes and making a helpful post about it soon. :) xx

  3. Too true! I’m always forgetting to clean my eyeshadow brushes though and contaminating my colours is the worst feeling ever! x

  4. Agree with all points!! Well said! ;) Especially #5 Applying makeup to dry skin! The worst one…and #6 and 8..great post! :)

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