The 10 Best H&M Finds For Fall Under $70 This Week


Stop wasting time — if you’re looking to upgrade your style for Fall, there is only one place you need to shop: H&M. Scroll below to check out the affordable H&M buys we’re adding to our cart right this minute!

1. Patterned Jacket

2. Soft-cup Microfiber Bra

3. Pencil Skirt

An absolute career girl staple.

4. Cropped High Jeans

5. Patterned Chiffon Blouse

6.  Draped Wrap-style Blouse

7. Short Mock Turtleneck Top

8. Chiffon Top

9. Weekend Bag

10.  Bag with Suede Details


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  • Michelle Rivera

    These things will not bring anyone happiness. Especially not the people exploited in order to maintain the cost of the apparel. Machines don’t make these clothes, people do- in horrible conditions- so we can get a deal. The true price isn’t worth it.

    • Anita Wright

      I’m trying to find a connection between your post and fashion itself and I can’t find one……

      • Brenda

        The clothes do make me happy!

      • martha

        The connection between her post and fashion? It’s a well known fact that MANY of the companies in other countries (China, India) churning out cheap clothing are doing so by paying pitiful wages and keeping harmful factory conditions. I suggest you read the book (or watch the movie) If you don’t have time to read or watch the movie – at least watch the 2 min trailer so you don’t embarrass yourself in public with comments that make you appear unaware of how the world is operating right now.

      • Claudia

        she is talking about the women that make this fashion, how they are exploited, for you to wear,

    • martha

      Good call.

  • Anna Lorentzon

    Well said, Michelle, I agree!

  • DJ

    You’re an uninformed liar. You’ve never been in a factory that manufactures products. You’ll be shockingly impressed.

  • Joules

    Great finds! I’m not sure how I’d wear the chiffon top–would love to see that styled!

    lifestyle by joules

  • Michelle Rivera

    I have actually been in a factory where people manufacture products :) Also, you don’t have to actually visit a place to know it exists and hear of it’s unethical practices. This is virtually impossible- it’s like me telling you that the holocaust never happened because you’ve never been to Auschwitz. I’m sure that some factories follow strict safety standards, pay their employees well and have some ethical practices. However, a large majority of outsourced clothing production is utilized for it’s low costs and the employees pay the price. Inform yourself. Find out where your clothing is coming from.

    • stephanie

      I’m very happy to see this being commented. Thank you.

  • Hilary

    Love that draped wrap blouse!

  • Cathy

    Martha and Michelle, confused why you are making these statements on a post about H&M, who have a clear Code of Conduct that they hold their suppliers to, make random and unannounced inspections to their production plants around the world and are working to end Child Labour around the globe. Other fashion producers are nowhere near the ethical practices of H&M. I’m sure they’re not perfect but they seem to be more about the solution than the problem. Let’s be supportive of that! :)

  • Sheri

    This is a fashion blog, where people such as myself come to view looks for ideas and fashion inspiration. This is not a political forum. While I appreciate Michelle’s compassion, the statement “These things will not bring anyone happiness” does not apply on a fashion blog. I am “anyone” and I love some of the above pieces, and when I went on H&M to find them, many were sold out or had limited sizes left. So I think that they did bring many “anyone” happiness.

  • Sarah

    The clothing featured looks so cheap and boring. Nothing screams buy me, instead it screams pass… Maybe the pieces look different styled but individually everything looks so incredibly underwhelming.

  • Sara

    Fast fashion is dangerous, absolutely. Many people are unaware of the true horrors, absolutely.

    However, having previously worked in Visual for H&M and having experienced the factory environment for the brand, I can count myself as one of those educated as to how they operate.

    They don’t own factories, implement minimum wage and maximum hour benefits and assist in the empowerment of the women in Bangladesh through social and educational outside work activities. They audit and spot check regularly (without prior warning to factories) and actively work to reducing electricity/water and other wasteful usages.

    I no longer work for them so really don’t have a horse in this race but I fully support H&M’s conscious and ethical efforts and finding it refreshing that (here in the UK), there is at least one brand who values transparency on the high street.

    Keep fighting the good fight, I’m with you. But blanketing the entire high street industry isn’t going to help anybody win points.

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