New Year New You: The Best Planners For 2018



To get your life together for 2018, you need to have the right tools. You’ll need a plan, of course, but you’ll also need a planner to hold you accountable and get everything you need to do down on paper. It’s the perfect time to throw out all those old bits of paper, and start to create desk goals with your very own planner.

With that said, these are the ten best planners for 2018. If you’re ready to start achieving all your goals, you’re in luck!


1. Getting Things Done planner 

Getting Things Done planner available here

When you’re getting your life together, you need a planner that actually helps you achieve everything. This unique productivity planner is designed to help you get everything done. On the left-hand side, there is a lined section that allows you to write down your daily to-dos and bullet points.

On the right-hand side, you will find sections to help you track all your self-care from the amount of water you drink to the meals you’re planning and your shopping list and expenses. Finally, you can organize your life and get 20% off with code GET20! Buy it here.


2. Make Things Happen 2018 Plan

Make Things Happen available here.

The Make Things Happen plan has everything you need to make next year a good one. It’s your handbook to success in 2018. Starting in January, you’ll find a calendar for each month of the year that you can scribble all your important dates in. Plus inspirational advice to keep you on track and workbook exercises to fill in about your goals and personal development.

Whether you need to take a break in February or start spring cleaning in March, all you have to do is get a pen and work through each chapter as it comes, fill in the workbook exercises, read the inspiration articles and live your best life! Get 20% off with code GET20 here.


3. I Am Very Busy 

I Am Very Busy Planner available here. 

This 2017-2018 calendar will help you get your year on paper if you’re seriously too busy to think about it. With a helpful yearly overview and sections for each day of the year, you’ll never be late to an appointment again. Buy it here.


4. Get On My Level

Get On My Level 2018 Agenda available here. 


Need a reminder that you’re on another level? This tongue-in-cheek planner will help you get things done throughout 2018, track your year in day-to-day blocks, make notes of your birthdays, appointments, and everything else you don’t want to forget. Buy it here.


5. Inspiration And Ideas


Inspiration and Ideas planner available here

This simple linked notebook is the best addition to plan your day if you want more freedom. You can write down your to-dos plan your day out and create a structured plan for your life. Buy it here.


6. Magic Velvet Planner


Magic Velvet Planner available here.

This velvet magical notebook is lined and blank, so you can plan your life out however you want. Bullet journal your day, mind map your entire life, color code until your heart’s content. You have plenty of room to plan it all. Buy it here.


7. Make Your Mark 

Make Your Mark available here

Ready to Make Your Mark? This wire-bound pretty pink planner will help you schedule your day. This is another lined notebook that you can use if you want to write creatively and plan your life loosely. Buy it here.


Which planner is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below…



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