The 10 Best Travel Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow Right Now

Wanderlust is definitely one of the words that defines our generation. How often do we hear people say ‘If only I could find a job where I can travel the world, I would take it without hesitation’. Living in one country for the rest of my life would be an absolute nightmare for me and if I hear all the stories of people who are traveling the world, I wish I could also be living like a full-time nomad.


There are some lucky people out there who travel from country to country as a lifestyle and will affect you with the travel bug as soon as you take on peek at their Instagram account. They have the most beautiful pictures from the most amazing places around the world, the plane is their car and hotels are their homes, enjoy the 10 must-follow travel Instagram’s.

#1 – Muradosmann @ Instagram

#2 – Asherworldturns @ Instagram


#3 – Ourwildabandon @ Instagram


#4 – Passionpassport @ Instagram


#5 – Seanryanpierce @ Instagram


#6 – Beautifuldestinations @ Instagram


#7 – Travelbreak @ Instagram


#8 – Everythingeverywhere @ Instagram 

#9 – Legalnomads @ Instagram


#10 – Wonderful_places @ Instagram

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  1. Ha! that’s my lifestyle :) I have to keep moving because seeing the same tree, the same house, the same gate as I leave my house everyday can drive me nutty. So I move every year. Works like a charm :)

  2. Not like I had travel envy before, now it has taken a whole new level. Thank you for the suggestion some great instagram feeds, I am definitely going to be following them.
    Zeynab x
    The Beauty Load

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