The 3 Must Do’s When You Did Not Get The Job

Your interviews went great, you absolutely nailed it and you are sure that the job is yours. After all the waiting, where you already lost your confidence because ”why don’t they call back sooner”, you finally receive that call or e-mail. With the last bit of confidence you have left, you open your email or answer the call, but sadly enough, it is the rejection that you were so afraid of.

Job rejections are always a big disappointment, but they happen and we still need to deal with them. We can either learn from it and use it as an extra motivation to work even harder or let it break us down.

To make the rejection a little bit less hard, we give you 3 things you should do after not getting the dream job that you really really wanted.

#1 – Let it go

It is never nice when you did not get the job that you really wanted, but you need to let it go. Be grateful that you got the opportunity to meet people from that company and learn from the experience. Negative feelings will influence your day and performance, so even though it is really hard, take a deep breath, know another amazing opportunity will come up and let it go!

#2 – Keep the door open

Always write a thank you note and ask for more feedback. It is a nice way to leave a last strong impression with the employer. Never forget to include a sentence like “If another position comes up for which I might be suitable, or if the candidate you hired doesn’t work out, please keep me in mind and don’t hesitate to contact me”.

#3 – Use it as a motivation

You can either be sad and de-motivated or use it as a motivation to continue the job search and nail your upcoming interviews. If you wrote the thank you note and asked for feedback, you can always use it for you next interview. Let rejection be something that makes you run harder instead of slowing down.

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  1. Love the tip that includes asking for feedback. Such invaluable tips for improvement from interviewers.

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