The 5 Best Feelings In A Career Girl’s Day

Coming home after a stressful day is possibly the best feeling ever. Some days can be made better by turning on Netflix or having a little moment to de-stress, but you can easily lose track of those little mundane moments that actually feel amazing.

We all have our favourite moments, here are the 5 best feelings in a career girl’s day. You’ll recognise these!

#1 Taking off your bra

There is no better feeling than coming home after a long day of work or school to whip off your bra and lay out on the sofa. The next time you get home and put your favourite comfy top on braless just take a minute to enjoy the moment. You’re never fully relaxed and comfortable until you’ve whipped off your bra.

#2 Sleeping in clean sheets

Although changing your sheets can be a hassle, there is nothing better than coming home and cosying up in your clean, freshly washed sheets, especially if they smell amazing, too. It’s well worth the arm ache of shaking your sheets and will help you wake up feeling fresh and revived in the morning!

#3 Being inside while it’s cold and horrible

Whether you’re inside the brightly lit office or snuggled up at home with your favourite cosy socks on, there’s something so nice about looking out of the window and seeing rainy, cold, awful weather outside. It just feels amazing and makes you soooo happy you’re not caught in the storm.

#4 Taking your makeup off

So you might not do this as often as you should, but there’s no better feeling than wiping a cool cleanse pad across your face and neck and applying some moisturiser or a multi mask before you go to bed. It’s great for your skin and it feels amazing.

#5 The bath to end all baths

We know how it feels to have a lukewarm, boring bath. But there’s something amazing about using a perfect bath bomb to suit your needs, grabbing a bath tray and setting up a cute little nook to read without it getting wet and putting on your favourite relaxing playlist.

  1. There’s no better feeling than getting into clean sheets! And getting into them wearing freshly washed PJs – Heaven! Loved this post Beth :)

    Bethany | xx

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