The 6 Most Important Habits Of All Happy Women

Trying to adopt new habits to make you happier? Aren’t we all. Think about the happiest woman you know, she probably has a lot of friends and great energy, but she never lets her positivity become exhausting to be around.

That’s because, contrary to popular belief, happy people will actually allow themselves to be negative once in a while. Bringing happiness and positivity in your life can be hard sometimes. When you work hard there can be little room for negativity, so it’s time to banish it from your life and embrace these positive habits right now.


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1. Sticking to a routine

Happy people stick to a routine, they wake up at a certain time, get to work and know exactly what they’ll be doing with their day. Including the time before and after work. And even on weekends, happy people make productive use of their time. Sticking to a routine might not seem like a shortcut to happiness, but it is. You feel more lost and unstructured when you don’t stick to a daily routine, and even more so, when you don’t make your daily tasks clear and easy to tick off.

You can use a planner like the Getting Things Done planner to not only track your daily to-dos but also the things that make you happy, like the amount of water you’re drinking and your daily activities.

2. Believing in something

Happiness comes from strong beliefs. Whether you believe in empowering women, the power of the universe or just believe in yourself. Knowing what you believe in is crucial to knowing who you are and what makes you happy in life.

3. Falling back on a support network

Falling back on a strong support network is crucial when things get tough. A conversation with the people that matter most to you can cheer you up and keep you feeling happy! Make sure you’ve built a strong support network of people who get it, who get what you’re doing and are willing to help you no matter what. You’ll need it!

4. Finding little things worth fighting for

Similarly to finding your beliefs, figure out what is worth fighting for. You will get so much happiness and satisfaction from causes you care about. Dedicate some time on the weekend to giving back, and fighting for the causes you care about. Even if it’s just signing a petition or volunteering. Fighting for the causes you care about will always boost your mood.

5. Allowing themselves to be negative

Hey, even the happiest people have bad days. Happy women allow themselves to be negative, allow themselves to be in a bad mood and have bad days but try to let it go as quickly as possible. Letting a bad day become a bad week will affect your happiness massively. This means stop being so hard on yourself, and let yourself have bad days! It’s just as unhealthy to try to be happy all the time!

6. Mastering their mind

Once you master your mind, everything else is so much easier. Mastering your mind isn’t easy, you’ll need to get the balance right. Work out and train, eat healthily, and keep your goals and to-dos in order. You should push yourself to learn new things and push your boundaries to feel fulfilled, but once you’ve got it mastered everything else will fall into place. Start by learning something new this weekend, and then set yourself three big goals for the next week.



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