The 7 Most Common Bronzer Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

The 7 Most Common Bronzer Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

Sorry, ladies! Strobing may be all the rage now, but that doesn’t mean you can put your bronzers away. Whether you want your skin to look like it was kissed from the sun, or just add some definition to your face, bronzers can help. You just have to learn to apply them properly and avoid these seven common mistakes that would make you look like a glittery, muddy mess:

Getting the shade wrong:

This is the trickier part. Get the shade wrong and, no matter what you do, the bronzer will never look good on you. The secret is to choose a light or caramel brown shade that’s never darker than your skin naturally gets in the sun. Stay away from anything too dark or orange, or you’ll look like you’ve just fallen into a pool of mud! Stila’s Stay All Day Bronzer For Face and Body is a great bronzer. Nars Tahiti Bronzing powder comes in shades that suits most skin tones.

Getting the finish wrong

Don’t even try to contour with a shimmering bronzer. You’ll glow in all the wrong places. A shimmering finish is perfect for that healthy, sun-kissed glow, but beware of anything with huge chunks of glitters in it. The disco-ball effect is always around the corner! Instead, look for bronzers with fine shimmers and a dewy finish that make your skin look naturally radiant.

Getting the texture wrong

Powder bronzers are always very popular, but they aren’t for everyone. On dry skin, they can often look cakey. If your skin is thirsting for water, opt for a liquid bronzer that will moisturize it while giving you that naturally tanned look. For a cream version, I also like the Perricone MD Bronzer, and Giorgio Armani Maestro Liquid.

Choosing the wrong brush

Dense large brushes or kabuki brushes are often popular choices, but rarely the right ones. Their big size makes it difficult to apply bronzer only when you need to. Angled or fluffy medium brushes work much better. They are more precise, depositing the colour onto the right spots for a more defined, natural look.

Not tapping before applying

Don’t just swirl the brush onto the bronzer and then apply it straight onto your skin. You’ll pick up too much product and you’ll have a really hard time blending it seamlessly. Instead, tap it lightly on the edge of your bronzer compact to get rid of any excess product. If you applied too little, you can always add another layer later.

Applying bronzer all over the face

It’s easy to get excited and apply bronzer all over the face. But the result never looks all that natural, does it? That’s because bronzer should be applied only on those areas that are naturally hit by the sun, like your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, your forehead, and your jawline.

Forgetting the rest of your body

So, you did everything right and now your skin looks like it’s naturally tanned and glowing. Well done! But, wait… The rest of your body is still ghastly pale! You look ridiculous! Thankfully, this mishap is easy to fix. Just mix a few drops of liquid bronzer with your favourite body lotion, and apply it all over your body (or at least all the exposed areas). Now, you’re looking like a bronzed goddess from head to foot!

Do you use bronzers? Have you ever made any of these mistakes?

— Gio

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