The 8 Weird Things We Love To Do In The Shower But Will Never Admit

We all have our habits in the shower.  For some reason, it’s so easy to get distracted in the shower and sing, dance and plan our future. Unless you’re running late and in a giant hurry, here are the 8 weird  things we love to do in the shower but will never admit. 

things to do in the shower


#1 Plan Your Future. Where we’ll be, how much we’ll be making, what we’ll be doing…   

#2 Come up with things to say during arguments.  We have time to come up with amazing comebacks we should have used during that argument, but didn’t…

#3 – Pretending to be a fountain. Cupping water with your palms, posing in different positions and pretending to be a fountain

200 (1)

#4 – Sing songs that are way out of your range. “Somehow the steam will open up my throat and the sound in here is on-point. Let’s do this.”


#5- Carry on a conversation with yourself….

#6 – Try different hairstyles with shampoo in your hair

200 (2)

#7 – Standing under water for 10 minutes and not moving

#8- Brush your teeth, hey it’s actually a timesaver


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Photos: Istock, Weheartit

  • Clare

    Hahaha I love the gifs in this post!

    Clare |

  • Julia

    Yupp, all of my best comebacks/reactions have been thought of in the shower. If only they would actually pop out of my mouth when the moment is right :D

  • Ruby Sterland

    These are so true, I always love coming up with arguments in the shower! x

  • Noemi

    N. 2 and N. 4… that’s me! Never did N. 3!

  • Helena

    This is so me! Really enjoyed reading this post. So funny.

  • Danielle

    Love this! Totally things I do without even realizing!!

  • Noelle

    this is true ahaha

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