The Accessory Essential You Need Right Now

Are you still looking for the perfect gift this Christmas? Whether you want to spoil your mum, sister, bestie or yourself, we’ve got the perfect gift idea for you!

Why not put a Daniel Wellington watch on the top of your Christmas list this year? You’ve probably already seen them all over the Internet; they are highly coveted by the fashion pack and are timeless, beautiful and classy! What makes the Daniel Wellington so special is the large minimalistic watch face and intricate details, the classic (and interchangeable) straps and the luxurious feel of having a must-have accessory placed firmly on your wrist.

An accessory as chic and timeless as the Daniel Wellington watch will definitely make this Christmas one to remember, so whether you want it for yourself (we don’t blame you) or want to be generous and get one for someone you love, head over to Daniel Wellington now and prepare to fall in love with a watch! Get yours now and 15% off with discount code CareerGirlDaily at valid till January 15th!


  • Nathalie

    I have been wanting a Daniel Wellington watch for sooooo long! They keep coming back to me haha… must be a sign!

    • Lois

      Do it! The quality is very good as well. Perfect gift to yourself for this holiday season!

    • Beth

      It’s definitely fate, haha, that’s what I keep saying! I’m getting a classy St Mawes as soon as I’m sure nobody else is getting me one for xmas this year x

  • Jamie Russo

    I completely agree! I’ve been wanting one forever!
    Jamie | Simply Styled

    • Beth

      I’m going to treat myself to one with the discount code! Naughty… x

  • Camille Beygui

    These watches are so pretty and elegant


  • Danae García

    I love Daniel Wellington watches, they are just so elegant and chic! so perfect for everyday! xoxo

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