Meet The Age-Reversing Phenomenon Every 20 Something Should Use

Bad news for twenty-somethings, from the age of 25 our bodies lose the ability to replenish collagen. By the age of 45, collagen levels will shrink by 30%! These reducing levels are responsible for wrinkles, lines and dry skin, things we’re always trying to banish in our pursuit of better skin. So it only makes sense that collagen we lose is the ingredient we should look out for and start to use as early as possible. We did all the hard work for you – so here’s how to get more collagen in your life without much effort!


Figure out your skin’s specific needs
Sometimes it’s good to talk to an expert, but if it’s not possible, try to figure out what your skin suffers from regularly. For example, mine is dehydrated and I’ve had conflicting advice on whether I should exfoliate or not, but the problem is probably coming from within as collagen levels can also be further reduced by environmental damage and pollution plus my diet isn’t as healthy as it could be.

A supplement like Ingenious Beauty Ultimate Collagen+ would be perfect for anti-wrinkle and environmental protection. It contains marine collagen, hyaluronic acid and astaxanthin for repairing preventing UV damage.

Choose the right foods
Antioxidants from fruits and vegetables are important for collagen production. Brightly colored fruits and vegetables will prevent collagen degeneration while other healthy foods will help keep the skin in optimum condition. Read our article about food swaps for better skin if you need to know how your diet could be affecting your skin’s condition.

If you struggle to get the right foods into your diet you might like to try a collagen shot instead of a supplement, Rejuvinated Collagen Shots can give you 10,000mgs of marine collagen in every shot, but they also contain acai berry (a superfood we love) which helps with skin’s elasticity.

Protect your skin
To stop collagen from decreasing you need to protect your skin, so read our article about preventing skin pollution and grab a protecting cream like Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream that will really protect and nourish your skin on the surface layers, so you’re working from the inside out and know that your skincare routine is packed full of collagen boosting ingredients!

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