Why Seaweed Is The Key To Flawless Skin

We women are always obsessed with wrinkles, don’t you think? There are hundreds of lotions and potions that promise (and deliver) great results, but our favourite of the moment is Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream.

You might think that as we’re in our twenties we don’t really need anti-wrinkle cream, but the Pro-Collagen Marine Cream actually delivers so much more! It reduced my laughter lines and little under eye wrinkles, gives me a great base to apply my makeup with, smells incredible, feels so silky and is just overall, a great anti-wrinkle cream.

I’m a bit of a skincare/beauty product junkie, so I’m always the first in line to try ‘wonder products’, and Elemis have definitely created one with this Pro-Collagen Marine Cream. It contains Mediterranean algae (Padina Pavonica) which attracts moisture in the skin and improves elasticity. That’s right, your new favourite anti-wrinkle cream actually contains seaweed, which may also be anti-bacterial! Seaweed such as the Padina Pavonica, has a number of benefits for the skin, it can soothe, plump, attract moisture and reduce redness! Who knew what that unassuming plant on the bottom of the ocean could do?

This cream is also a fave of YouTubers, makeup artists and celebs everywhere. From Cheryl Cole to Karlie Kloss, so if you want to know their secret, it might just be Elemis!



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