The Benefits Of Washing Your Face With Oil

Washing your face with oil sounds a bit weird right? That’s what I thought when I tried it out for the first time. I mean why would you wash your face with oil? There are nice cleansers that could do the job. Fear not, I have discovered the amazing benefits of washing your face with oil!

I think one of the questions we all have is: how can oil cleanse your face and will I break out in spots? The thing is, when you use soap or a cleanser on your skin, you are stripping your skin of its natural oils and they actually have a purpose – they make your skin softer and more supple and they provide a protective layer to keep dirt out of your pores. When you strip the natural oils off your skin, your skin responds in the only fashion it can: it produces more oil. You probably clean your face or use powder to absorb it.

I really love the luxurious feeling and scent of my Sarah Chapman cleanser. When I’m in the shower, I love to use this cleanse. The smell is amazing and for 1 second I think I’m at a luxurious spa instead of my own little bathroom. This cleanser leaves my skin clean, soft and moisturised. Another amazing oil cleanser is Elemis’s pro collagen cleansing balm. This balm comes in a luxurious bottle and smells heavenly!

  • somebodyfromsomewhere

    I’ve been hearing this for years from a cousin who is a cosmetologist, should try some time

  • Lauren

    I love washing my face with oil, especially as I have dry skin. I’m using a Body Shop one at the moment but I’ll have to look at these when I need a new one x

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