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The Best Apps For Career Girls With Too Much To Do

The Best Apps For People With Too Much To Do

A Career Girl is the definition of busy, always trying to make her way through university, work and social life. Sometimes our days are so long that we forget what we had on our To-Do list or, we are so caught up in work that making the shopping list would take far too long.

But no worries, we have found the best time saving, convenient and useful apps. After all smartphones are not only good for taking selfies…

#1- Around Me (Free)

This app will literally save your life. How many times have you found yourself in need of a petrol station because with all your thoughts in mind you forgot to care about your car? Or you needed a taxi? Or a restaurant? Then this is the app you have been looking for! Around Me will show you a list of all the business in the category you have tapped on together with showing the distance from your local position.

#2- Dragon Dictation (Free)

Trust me, you will love this one! This app will convert your words into notes, emails, texts and even Facebook statuses and tweets. It is up to five times faster than typing and supports multiple global languages. Already in love?

#3- Awesome Note (€3.99)

It is your dream organizer: Calendar, To-Do list, Diary, Reminder, Anniversary Reminder, Shopping list, Travel Diaries and everything you can think about! It will help you take track and organise your life. Plus, it has an awesome design.

#4 – Shop Savvy (Free)

This is definitely my favourite one. Thanks to this amazing app you will save a lot of time and money. Indeed, it allows you to scan any barcode of anything you want to purchase, and it will automatically compare prices with stores nearby. No more waste of time looking around for best prices, this app does all the work for you. I am pretty sure your bank account will love it too…

#5 – Duolingo (Free)

You desperately want to learn a new language but you don’t have enough time to attend classes? This app is your new best friend. It will teach you how to write, spell and speak your dream language for free. You can choose among Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Irish, Dutch, Danish and Swedish.

#6- Business Card Reader (Free)

How many times have you lost hours looking for that business card that you had no idea of where you put just a couple of days before? Your nightmares are now over thanks to this great app. By just scanning a business card, it will automatically upload all the details into your address book. And it is multilingual too!

This article is written by Ludovica Tronci

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  1. Joyfully Abby says

    Duolingo sounds awesome! I just downloaded it. Hopefully it will help me keep up with my Spanish.

  2. Emma Louise says

    This is such a great list. My dad used to have dragon on the computer in non-app format. Also, Duolingo is AMAZING. Ive been continuing to learn French.

    Emma Louise from xx

  3. Jamie says

    These are great to know!!


  4. Rachel says

    I’ve heard good things about duolingo! Definitely need to give a try because I want to learn more languages!

    The Runaway Journal

  5. Priyanka Patel says

    All of these apps sound super helpful, I really want to download Dragon Dictation and Shop Savvy for sure! Thank you for posting these!

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