The Best TED Talks Every Woman Needs To Watch


These are the top TED talks every woman should watch. TED Talks are some of the best pick-me-ups on a down day. They entertain, enlighten, uplift, and inform you in eighteen minutes or less. There’s no shortage of talks by amazing women on topics from being a leader in your workplace, to modern physical beauty. Here are just a few inspirational talks to add to your playlist:

1. Sheryl Sandberg:

Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders

Ready for that next promotion or job interview? Watch this amazing talk given by the author of Lean In. This talk goes over the many ways that women inhibit themselves from leadership positions, and how we can break free of that and gain control in the workplace!

2. Amy Cuddy:

Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

This was one of the first talks I ever watched, and everything Cuddy says will blow your mind, but also makes perfect sense. She goes over how body language affects not only how other people see you, but even how you see yourself. Listening to her tips can improve your overall confidence, and change how others perceive you. Yes this is one of the best TED talks every woman should watch, you’ve probably heard a lot about this one.

3. Brené Brown:

The Power of Vulnerability

Brown really digs down into why we need to be more open and vulnerable people. Both in personal and professional life, being emotionally open can help you connect with people on a much deeper level, and even help you understand yourself better than you ever have.

4. Anne-Marie Slaughter:

Can We All “Have It All”?

Slaughter is a public policy expert that explains why we need major changes in work culture, public policy, and social mores before women will ever have a level playing field with our male counterparts. An incredibly insightful talk, Slaughter explains the ways we can finally become equals, and how we can Have It All.

5. Tracy McMillan:

The Person You Really Need to Marry

Most people search constantly for the person that they want to marry, but McMillan argues that first, the person you really need to marry is yourself. Before you can be a great partner, you need to love and be secure with yourself.

6. Mel Robbins:

How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over

Robbin’s talk is the kick in the butt everyone needs. Her blunt and honest way of talking might catch you off guard, but her overall message is to figure out what you really want. Whether it’s deeper relationships, a job promotion, or to start eating better she gives you that push you need to do it.

7. Meg Jay:

Why 30 Is Not The New 20

Jay challenges all twenty-somethings to not coast through their twenties on autopilot and finally get their life together before they turn 30. She gives three clear pieces of advice to take hold of these years so you can ultimately be ahead in your career, relationships, and self-fulfillment.

8. Cameron Russell

Looks Aren’t Everything. Believe Me, I’m A Model

Russell makes a powerful statement that even though models are looked up to as physically “perfect” they are some of the most insecure people in the world. It’s a great talk to remind yourself that we are all beautiful and that we should be striving for health and happiness other than “perfect” physical beauty.


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