5 Life-Changing Books Billionaire CEOs Recommend



Successful CEOs are constantly learning. They believe in evolution in order to sustain incredible Careers. Even if you have no desire to become a CEO, every ambitious Career Girl dreams of success!

Sometimes it’s all in your mindset, and you need a bit of a refresher to remember that. The best way to get on track is to broaden your mind and be inspired. So take a leaf out of the most successful people’s books and get stuck into this reading list.


1. The Charisma Myth by Olivia Fox Cabane


The Charisma Myth available here


Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer threw her support behind this groundbreaking book which aims to instruct readers on the art of charisma.

Winning people over is an invaluable skill to master in most Careers, but it’s so hard to do! However, Olivia Fox Cabane rejects the notion that charisma can’t be taught. She provides powerful advice that can help even the shyest Career Girl become more magnetic.

Additionally, charisma is a huge asset to master when applying for jobs, taking on leadership roles and improving work/personal relationships. Want to become more influential, persuasive and inspiring? Get it here.


2. Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

Lean In available here


Sheryl Sanberg the billionaire CEO of Facebook and founder of leanin.org, is not the only CEO who recommends this book. Executive of Cisco Systems John Chambers handed a copy to each of his senior managers, seeing it as the perfect opportunity to encourage the promotion of women.

Lean In is a massive cultural phenomenon. Its title becoming an instant catchphrase for empowering women. Sheryl Sandberg draws on her own experiences of working in some of the worlds most successful businesses and looks at what we can do to improve our careers. By making small adjustments in your life, you can effect change in a big way! Get it here.

3. The Effective Executive by Peter F. Drucker

The Effective Executive available here


Recommended by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to enhance our time management and decision making. Drucker reminds us of the ability to “get the right things done” by doing what others have overlooked and avoiding unproductivity.

The book identifies five talents for effectiveness. While knowledge and imagination are important, they may be wasted without the acquired habits of mind that turn them into results. Get it here.

4. Playing To Win by A. G. Lafley and Roger L. Martin

Playing To Win available here


HP CEO Meg Whitman loves this book so much she’s made it required reading for HP’s hundreds of thousands of employees. She believes that the book’s recommendation of setting and following strategy is crucial for success.

Two of today’s best-known business minds get to the heart of strategy in this book. They explain what it’s for, how to think about it, why you need it, and how to get it done. It shows you how to guide everyday actions with strategic goals, where to play and how to win. Get it here.

5. The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande

The Checklist Manifesto available here.


CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey aligns with the views in this book, believing that top-notch execution is key to business success.

Gawande makes a compelling argument for the checklist, highlighting it as the most promising method of overcoming failure. Whether you’re following a recipe, investing millions or building a skyscraper, the checklist is an essential tool for every area of our lives.

He explains how breaking down complex, high-pressure tasks into small steps can improve every facet of modern life, from medicine to getting the kids ready for school. Pretty powerful stuff! Get it here.

What do you read to get inspired? Share your recommendations in the comments below…



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  1. Will definitely be adding some of these to my reading list.

    Alisha x | http://www.alishaxali.blogspot.co.uk

  2. I haven’t read any of these but have heard so many good things about Lean In so I will be reading that one first. I love your book recommendation posts.

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  3. And my reading list grows and grows. At this rate, I don’t know if I’ll finish before the end of this year. Great books. I’ve heard so much about Atul Gawande.


  4. Love this list! SO glad you posted this article. I’ve heard Lean In is really good!
    I’ve also written a list of books that helped me start a business:



  5. Thanks so much for posting this book list! Ive just starting reading Lean In and its amazing! Can’t wait to read the others too!

    Allegra xx

    Freelance Fashion Stylist

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