The Confidence Plan: 5 Secrets Of Successful Women

Insecurities are quiet, confidence is loud. A woman with confidence can be the loudest person in the room without opening her mouth. Successful women know that they need confidence and to be secure in themselves and their roles if they want to succeed. It’s true, someone is always coming for your spot, which means you need to be smart, secure, and stay on top of your game.

We can take some serious inspiration from these successful women on how they do it and how they stay ahead. Here are a few things we can learn…

1. Specialize in what you know 


Being confident in what you know and sticking to it is the key to success. People will challenge your authority, but if you know something and it works for you, don’t be afraid of your authority in a certain subject. Sarah Rutson worked her way up from Marks & Spencer to Lane Crawford and her understanding of the customer helped her turn the brand around and become successful.

She used her knowledge of the customer experience during that period to help her and was confident in what she knew. “Don’t try to and do a little bit of everything because there is no authority.” She explained.

2. Stick to your guns 


Kimberley Ho, the founder of Evereden, knows that confidence to stay on top comes from trusting your own decisions. She recently turned down $2 million from venture capitalists to self-fund her company with her husband and stay in control of the company she’s set up. She knows she will stay on top and build her brand because her own money is attached to it, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch,” she said. She’s confident in her own ability to grow her business and isn’t going to let anyone affect that from the outside.

Sometimes it’s tempting to let other’s take control of a project or give in, but stick to your guns and do what feels right. This is how you can have confidence in yourself and stay on top of everything.

3. Stay credible 


Chiara Ferragni, one of the first fashion bloggers, has capitalized on her success and managed to last. With thousands of other hopeful bloggers and influencers never coming close to the success of Chiara, one of her tips for success would be to only choose things that add to your credibility. Every sponsorship and opportunity she took had to be something that her followers would like. “I can’t lose my credibility – you can’t put a price on that,” she said. And it’s true, if you do something that damages your brand, or damages the way people think about you, it’ll damage your chances of being respected and staying on top.

Confident leaders know that the trick is, ‘whatever you say do.’ Make sure that you’re credible, no matter what, and you’ll stay on top.

4. Support others 


Supporting other’s dreams and imparting your knowledge can give you a huge boost of confidence, Rebecca Minkoff, founder of Rebecca Minkoff, knows that the biggest confidence boost you can get is from supporting other people. But it also helps you to stay on top of your game, people will respect your opinion and respect you as a leader if you help them to develop and grow.

“People are putting themselves out there and that takes a lot of courage. I would never want to be someone who would make someone second-guess themselves or make them feel bad for trying something.” She said.

5. Don’t let your immediate reaction be the only reaction


Sometimes in life, we react to things without thinking. We let our first reaction be the only reaction, and move on. It’s better to take a step back and assess before you make a decision, react to something, or decide how to tackle something. Michelle Obama had a lot of practice at this being the former First Lady of the USA. She decided that the best way to boost her confidence in decision making was to give herself a break. “I will retreat a moment from the fray, just to breathe.

Because what I’ve learned is that my immediate reaction cannot be the deciding reaction. So sometimes I just sort of step back a second, and while I’m stepping back, I talk. I reach out to my friends, my mom, my girlfriends; I vent, I release, I have sounding boards, I get pep talks from colleagues and staff, and then I go back in.” It’s important to remember that you need people’s opinions in order to develop and grow. Make room for time to breathe and think about it in a different way and it’ll be okay.


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