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The Emergency Kit Every Career Girl Should Carry

imageSuccessful career girls are motivated, determined and most certainly organised. It is essential to carry an emergency kit. Who knows what minor hiccup could happen throughout the day? It could be a headache before an important conference call or snagging your tights 5 minutes prior to a crucial meeting. Career girls, we take mini-crises like these in our stride. The reason being, tucked in our handbag or desk drawer is the ultimate emergency kit. To ensure you are equipped to deal with any potential situation, it would be smart to stash the following…

#1 Travel sized wipes.

These can be an absolute lifesaver. A latte spillage down the front of your perfect outfit is never a good look. Wipe away stains and marks to ensure you continue to look polished.

#2 Pain relief

If you are not feeling 100% well you will not perform to the best of your ability. If painkillers can ease that headache or sore neck then be sure to add this crucial item to the kit.

#3 Spare tights/stockings

Is there anything worse than snagging a pair of tights? It looks unkempt and unprofessional. Keep a spare pair in your office drawer.

#4 Needle and thread

We career girls can turn our hands to almost anything. Basic sewing skills are a must. Keep a mini sewing kit close at hand for urgent repairs.

#5 Eye drops or mist

Staring at screens all day is how we career girls function. Unfortunately the impact on the eyes is not so great. Keep a set of eye drops to soothe and refresh tired eyes.

#6 Sanitary Wear

This really is an essential piece of kit. If you have not been keeping track of your monthly cycle, don’t get caught out. Keep some mini items close by.

#7 Notepad and pen

There’s no excuse not to take your favourite notebook with you, you can scribble ideas, mind map or draw what you see without wasting the battery on your phone.

#8 Business cards

You literally never know when you’ll need to hand one out, or who you might bump into. Keeping your business cards with you makes you feel important, too!

#9 Plasters

OMG! We all know the pain of a pair of great looking but uncomfortable shoes, don’t let yourself be caught out without any protection from nasty rubbing shoes, you can also bring a pair of roll up flats with you if you’re tempted to change shoes.

#10 Vaseline

Perfect for dry lips, but Vaseline has a tonne of other helpful uses too, like removing stains from clothes, soothing dry skin and even for polishing shoes!

Written by Catherine Murphy.

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Beth is the editor of CGD and lives in London surrounded by piles of papers and highlighters. In her spare time she has conversations with dogs and writes short stories.


  1. Jess says

    I agree with all these things! I always forget to replenish my business cards and band-aids. With my business cards I end up having to write it on a piece of paper – doesn’t look near as professional! x

    Jess | It’s That Time For

  2. Amanda Brooks says

    This list is so good! I can’t tell you the number of times a plaster and vaseline have saved the day for me haha Now that I think about it…. I think I need to refill my Tylenol in my purse…

  3. Blondes & Bagels says

    I need to get on the business card train – I know it makes you look way more professional!
    I also personally carry a “little black bag” filled with painkillers (for that random Monday afternoon headache), feminine products, and any random medicines I might need (like eyedrops and wipes!).
    I also stash a water bottle in my purse! The Bkr is adorable.

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