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If there’s one thing I like to do on a Sunday, it’s organize. It’s the best time to put on a great playlist and organize your whole house. When I’m lacking in motivation, I tend to look for photos that inspire me to get it together. People who have taken the time to seriously organize their homes inspire me to get up and take action.

If you’re stuck in a rut this Sunday and need a bit of motivation to grab the bags, pull out some boxes and start going through the things you own – look no further. Create your perfect home and de-stress your mind while you de-clutter, it’s actually really fun once you start!




The kitchen can be the most disorganized place in the house. Food is almost impossible to tidy up, but last weekend I achieved kitchen perfection with the help of some boxes and jars. I ordered a lot of boxes and started going through my draws and cupboards, grouping things together.

Loose cereals, biscuits and pasta can go into acrylic containers, towels and recipe books can also be packed away to save space. If you have a lot of bottles like I do, put them together in one box or cupboard and label every acrylic container you have.

A label maker is one of the best investments you can make for your kitchen. I was initially inspired by Khloe Kardashian’s kitchen and pantry, and once it was all in organized I felt so much calmer about cooking. You’ll need to buy some storage essentials and be strategic, which things do you always grab when cooking? Keep them within reach and in an easy to access container.

Kitchen essentials:

Rubbermaid 10 Piece Storage Set available here.
Stoneware Cake Box available here.
Chalkboard Glass Canister Set available here.




Let your shelfie do the talking and display the products you’re most proud of in your bathroom. There’s nothing better than opening up a shelf and seeing all your favorites, plus you know if there are nosy guests coming around they’ll be impressed. This shelf really inspired me to start sorting out my beauty products and invest in a good bathroom shelf. I even invested in some more products to curate the perfect bathroom shelf, but the main thing was taking a day to go through the bathroom (trash bag in hand) and checking that everything is in date before you put it away.

You can also use the storage space around your sink, but be minimalistic, a good candle and one or two hero products are all you need. I use the cupboard under the sink to keep the things I don’t want on display. To make the most of my storage space, I invested in a flyer display from Amazon like this one and used it to display all my sheet masks.

Bathroom essentials:

Small But Important Things Jar available here.
Cubiko Storage Mirror available here.
Smile Glass Toothbrush Mug available here.





You can do a lot with your bedroom storage, but the one area everyone wishes was more organized is the closet. Take one weekend and start going through what you have, create piles of things to donate and curate piles of colors together. You don’t need to create a walk-in wardrobe to be super organized.

Buy a clothing rack and put your favorite clothes on display in one corner of your room, and store your shoes in acrylic boxes. If you color match your clothes, they’ll always look more organized than they are. So keep lights and darks together on the rail and use mid-colors to blend your wardrobe. On top, you can store bags and accessories if you have space.

Closet essentials:

Pipe Clothing Rack available here.
Transparent Tall Shoe Box available here.
Leaning Clothing Rack available here.





There’s so much possibility with your desk essentials. You’ll need shelves and wall grids because there’s a tendency to keep paperwork all over the place (I know!). Start off by purchasing some essentials that follow a color theme, blush pink folders, rose gold pen pots, and wall grids for pinning important papers on.

You’ll find that once you start putting things in their designated place, your office will feel so much more organized. Get a shredder too, and stop holding on to the paperwork you don’t need. One massive tip I’d give is to also make sure you stick to strictly one notebook in your office space, don’t start a new one until you’ve finished the one you’re working in. This stops you from collecting piles of half-filled books.

Desk essentials:

Wire Wall Rectangle Grid available here.
Getting Things Done Planner available here.
Glazed Abstract Pot available here.

Living Room




The living room is the easiest place to collect clutter. From coffee table books to cups and other bits and bobs. The best way to stay on top of the living room is to get a metal basket and put all your excess bits and bobs in it at the end of every day. You can choose to go through the basket once a week or on a Sunday, and put everything back in its place.

One other genius tip is to buy a magazine rack or other storage for books that you keep on the couch or the coffee table. It looks super professional and luxurious, and is a good way to keep guests entertained.

Living Room essentials:

Rolling Acrylic Storage Cube available here.
Carson Magazine Rack available here.
Invisible Bookshelf available here.





Makeup is tough to organize, in some ways you want to be able to see it/grab it whenever you need. But with so much makeup, it can make areas look cluttered and untidy. I started organizing my makeup by buying a huge acrylic sewing storage box with drawers. Then I could put all my makeup away, it has about 42 drawers ranging from small to large and fits under my desk perfectly, so is great for everything from single nail varnishes to all my foundations and primers.

You can also use empty candle jars to store brushes, and save space.

Makeup essentials:

Clear Glass Box available here.
Cosmetics Organizer available here.
Metal Storage Jar available here.

Ready to start organizing?



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