The Inspiring Story Of YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki

She belongs to the world’s highest-ranked women in tech and is also the CEO of  YouTube, one of the biggest online platforms that we Career Girls love so much: Susan Wojcicki.

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Susan always knew she wanted 2 things in life: 4 children and doing something meaningful. In 1998, she and her husband rented out their garage to 2 Ph.D students that wanted to explore the relatively new Internet. Wojcicki thought this was very exciting and while she was 4 months pregnant, she quit her job and joined these 2 students as their marketing manager and 16th employee. This was probably the best move she ever made because the company she left her old job for was Google.

17  years, 4 kids and lots of experience later, she is now the CEO of YouTube and one of the most powerful woman in tech. Together with the team she turned Google into a multi-billion dollar company.

Her story is so inspiring and shows that trusting your gut often leads to something better. How difficult must it have been to make a decision to quit your stable job to join a startup that might not go anywhere. Susan did it, while being 4 months pregnant, worked her ass off and now is one of the few female CEO ‘s that run a tech company.

She might be one of the busiest women in the world, but she still makes sure she is home for dinner with her kids every night at 6pm. Her advice to young women is: “Don’t overplan your life. Joining Google when I was four months pregnant was a bit of a leap, but sometimes you have to do the right thing for you right now.”


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