The Leadership Skills Every Great Mentor Has


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We often talk about the benefits of having a mentor, but we often don’t talk about the benefits of being one. You don’t have to be a CEO or at the top of your game to do it, and you can be a mentor for co-workers, siblings, relatives or friends.

The best thing about being a mentor is that it gives you a chance to pass on some wisdom, which kind of strengthens your own knowledge and gives you a confidence boost. So what does it take to be a mentor? Just look out for someone who could benefit from what you know and might need a boost, and make sure you try these tricks…

They give good criticism

When people turn to you for advice about work, even if you think they did something wrong try to start with praise. Let someone know when they’ve done well and they’re more likely to strive to do it again. Along with this, criticism is best served constructively and is more likely to be listened to when it doesn’t come across as insulting. Get your phrasing right and only be harsh when necessary.

They create strong relationships and are invested in people

Whether you’re volunteering at a school or doling out advice to your sister and her friends, make sure you know the strengths and weaknesses of the people you’re giving advice to. Knowing what each of their strengths and weaknesses is, along with their general character will allow you to give them advice. You don’t want to tell them to start doing something that they won’t be able to master.

They’re compassionate about others

Being a good mentor doesn’t mean you need to abandon all human emotion and be a teacher. Understanding and empathizing will get you, and them, a lot further.

They share what they know

If you’re willing to share what you know, then you’re already a good mentor. Don’t withhold things that would benefit your mentoree, you might think you don’t want to give away secrets, but you can always divulge tips and tricks you’ve learned along the way.

They welcome feedback

Afterall mentoring is a two-way street, you might learn a lot from the person you’re mentoring too. So if they’re resistant to your advice sometimes, don’t take it personally. You can actually ask your mentoree for feedback too!

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