The Luxury Makeup Brushes Every Career Girl Should Own


Many of us don’t consider how important the quality of our makeup brushes is, but once you’ve shelved those old and less exclusive brushes for good and tried out some high-quality brushes, it’s an everlasting love story. Sam and Nic are the two sisters behind Real Techniques, an exclusive range of makeup brushes perfect for a flawless career look. The “Bold Metals Collection” is a newly released collection consisting of a premium range of metallic colored brushes with high-quality white bristles.

realtechniques1CGDPerfection Is For Everybody

Real Techniques had the vision of creating a set of super soft brushes that makes everyone able to apply makeup like a pro! Both the “Flat Contour” brush and the “Arched Powder” are superb for an everyday makeup and when you opt for a night out and go for a smokey-eyed look, the “Oval Shadow” brush is just what you’re looking for!


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