The Most Effective Way To Plan Your Day To Relieve Daily Stress

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Wondering how to manage daily stress? Sometimes you just need to take a break, calm down, and manage a stressful and busy day. When life feels like it’s getting on top of you, you don’t need to stop everything and cancel all your plans, you just need to manage your life properly. It should only take a few minutes every day to reflect on what you’re doing, where you’re spending your energy, and whether it makes you happy, here’s how to do it with the Win At Life journal.


Start by writing down the date and writing down how many hours of sleep you’ve had. Next, move on to your mood tracking and why you feel this way. If you’re wondering how to manage daily stress, it’s all about monitoring. We designed a system inside the Win At Life journal to balance your happiest, healthiest life, and the first part of this system is tracking your mood. If you don’t feel good, own it, by tracking the rest of your daily habits, you’ll start to figure out why that is.

The Win At Life system is fully explained in the journal, but it’s based on the four pillars of a happy, healthy life. The whole system works on tracking. Track the things you do during the day, and record how you feel. Making small adjustments can change your mood, your outlook, and help you realize you’re winning at life.

Every activity you track in your daily spread balances a pillar in the Win At Life system, which are ‘Smashing Goals’, ‘Having Fun’, ‘Pushing Yourself’ and ‘Reflecting On It.’

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Begin tracking your day, and be honest with yourself. How much exercise have you done? Have you moved more than once today? What have you eaten today? How much water have you drunk?

This is the first step in managing your life, the key components of making sure you’re healthy, hydrated, and fuelling your body. This is where the grading system comes into play, grade your meals and your exercise to make sure that you’re content with your effort. When you’re grading yourself, be kinder than usual, you want to give yourself permission to try harder tomorrow, not completely ruin your motivation.

How To Use The Win At Life Journal - CGD LONDON


Move on to the other page, where it’s all about the components of a happy life. Start by grading your day, circle the feelings that most closely resemble how you feel or write your own words down in the prompt boxes. Even on bad days, owning your emotions will help you to stop a bad day turning into a bad week.

Next, move on to the time grading section. Mark the boxes from 10 minutes to all day to signify how long you’ve spent on each thing, for example, how long you’ve spent on your personal goals, or with your friends or family. Most of us will score lower on some of these during the week, but they can serve as a reminder to make more time to go outside or see friends and family when you aren’t at work.

You can use this section as a waymarker for your emotions. Go back over days when you didn’t feel so good and look for patterns, did you eat something in particular? Did you spend all day watching TV? Spot the correlation and you’ll start to understand your moods and emotions better.


Be kinder to yourself. The Win At Life Journal daily spread ends with one compliment for yourself. Make these words count. And no matter how you feel, turn to the back of the journal for a quick guide on how to make the most on how you feel. If you want to know how to manage daily stress, you’ll find plenty of tips in this guide at the back.

You’ll find scientific explanations of all the most common feelings, including stress, anxiety, tiredness, sadness, happiness, confidence, and productivity, with more information about the symptoms and suggested activities you can do to boost or banish those emotions.


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