The 10 Most Important Habits Of Respected Business Women


Here are some important habits to develop if you want to be a respected business women.

Developing good habits is important in business, sometimes it can feel like there are endless lists of what you should and shouldn’t be doing in order to be successful, but what’s really important is being true to yourself and putting great foundations in place that will keep you on target. Here are some important habits to develop if you want to be a respected business women.

1. Being polite

A great business woman cherishes politeness and approachability. If you want people to respect you, you need to be able to interact with people and seem friendly and warm. More important than that, you need to be able to keep a level of professional detachment even if someone is criticising you.

2. Managing Your Schedule

In order to keep everything in order and create structure for their life and business, a great business woman knows how to schedule the most important parts of her life and stick to it. If you hate scheduling, it’s time to find a way that it can be both fun and productive.

3. Being An Early Riser

A respected business woman knows to make the most of her day. Becoming an early riser is hard, but starting early and creating a good routine for the rest of the day is so important.

4. Being Confident

You can fake confidence, but the true mark of a respected business woman is having the confidence to push your ideas and believe in yourself. Confidence will keep you afloat in the business world and help you network.

5. Responding to emails

Although it’s a headache, if you create a system that allows you to respond to all emails, whether it’s a small enquiry or something more important. Keeping your emails organised is so important. It makes you look professional and keeps everyone that you interact with happy. People will be extra likely to recommend you if you have a personable and professional email tone.

6. Managing your ego

Don’t let success get to your head and never assume you’re the most successful or the smartest person in the room. In order to be a respected business woman you have to be willing to learn, from both your superiors and those around you.

7. Don’t place blame

It’s important that if something goes wrong you are prepared to fix it. Don’t start pointing the finger and simply work on making it right. It’s tacky to place blame, even if it is someone else’s fault.

8. Disagreeing with class

Nobody wants to be in a situation where they have to disagree with someone, but the mark of a true business woman is being able to disagree with class. Keep your friendly, polite tone even when you’re reprimanding someone and people will come to respect your opinion.

9. Trusting yourself 

A successful business woman cannot be unsure of her decisions. You have to trust your gut and go with your plans, despite what other people might think. Taking risks will make you so much more respected and people will definitely listen to what you have to say if you’ve built your path from the ground up.

10. Not taking it to heart

In the business world, there are a lot of things that can create negativity and affect your self-esteem. A respected business woman knows that in order to thrive she must have a thick skin. She can’t let gossip, rumours or people’s opinions hold her back. If you’ve done all you can to be the best you can be and people are still criticising you, it’s time you realise you can’t please everyone. Hold your head high and be proud of the things you’ve achieved!

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  1. Nailed it!
    Exactly – being polite, on schedule, responding to emails.. I would also add being a good listener. Share the information about the company with the rest of the staff.
    It makes them feel like you care about their opinions and that they make a difference in the company.
    Plus, there is always a great idea over there.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Trusting yourself is something everyone can learn to do. This can be achieved by knowing and using our strengths as well as planning. I have found it extremely helpful to have a coach. I feel my biggest challenge is the early rising – especially when there are days that are extremely long.
    Regards Renata

  3. You are right…A lot of people see leadership as being at the top or being an authority,the man at the bottom of the organization can be a leader. WHY?Because he look out for the man on his right and the man on the left.

    Thanks for sharing

  4. Its crazy that society has created a huge difference between a career lady and a man,from what i just learnt now for this post it applies to the man folks too so are other learning aspects of being in business…

    I am just saying hope I am not intruding,because the blog name clear state CAREER GIRL DAILY.

    Love the post. benefited me

  5. I agree. But, I think number 6 touches on all the others. If your ego is in check, you won’t place blame (because you understand mistakes don’t reflect on you are a person), you’ll be friendly and polite when you disagree because you are confident in your position and you know you have nothing to prove. Also, you wont’ be overly sensitive because you are convinced of your personal worth and you don’t allow people that power of your feelings. Great list! Made me ponder a bit. :)

  6. Fantastic words of wisdom, thank you for sharing. While I don’t *always* have thick skin, I have learned over years how to turn criticism into perspective and opportunity. That was a real growing up point for me in my career.

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