The Most Important Habits Of Successful Business Women


Being a successful businesswoman is all about respect. People around you should know that you’ve worked for what you have and you’ve earned every success that comes your way. Being a successful businesswoman means that you can lead and follow, you change the game, think outside the box and are confident and comfortable in your own skin.

Your everyday habits can help you earn respect and grow as a businesswoman. The things you do every day can really make a huge difference to how others see you, and how you see yourself. Here are a few daily habits that respected business women swear by.


Take a leaf out of Victoria Beckham’s book. She gets up at 6 am for a power hour at the gym and keeps herself strictly disciplined to be able to keep her life on track. To keep her mindset positive and powerful, she carries (and believes in the power of) crystals. She starts the day by waking up and thinking positive thoughts and boosts her mood with a power session at the gym before the kids have to get to school. Victoria always wants to be the best at everything she does, so she needs a positive mindset that washes out everything else. You can embrace this by trying out morning mantras, or like Victoria, carrying a token of positivity around with you to remind you to put your best foot forward.

No matter what the day throws at you, you will have already primed your mind to react in a positive way – this will help you make better decisions and earn respect. Nobody likes a negative nancy.


This is important if you want to be respected. You need to create a close team. This doesn’t mean you won’t have conflict, but it does mean that you will have each other’s back when time gets tough and rely on each other to get the job done. You need to bond with your colleagues and co-workers on some level and share parts of your life with them.

This stands true for people you don’t work with every single day, be friendly with everyone you come into contact with and you’ll earn the respect of everyone. People will think you are friendly and open to collaboration, which is important if you want to grow as a businesswoman.


They say behind every successful person is a notebook full of ideas. Meghan Markle is just one such person rumored to love a good journal. She even reportedly gifted Kate Middleton one to record her dreams in. Invest in a notebook you can carry around with you wherever you go, like the Make It Happen notebook, and start making lists to look back on. This can act as your second memory, but it can also encourage flashes of inspiration and ideas.

Writing down not only what you need to do, but every idea you have, and things that inspire you, will help you develop and grow and bring fresh ideas to your work.


Nothing good ever comes from comfort zones. You need to push yourself to be uncomfortable if you want to be successful, and respected. Fight your fear and lead the way in everything you do, and people will respect you for it so much more. Nothing in life is ever comfortable, so by swallowing your doubts and fears and pushing yourself to do what you might not want to, you will set an example for others and surprise yourself.

Successful businesswomen know their limits, they know that fears are all in the mind. They know that without pushing themselves to the next level, they’ll never reach their goals. And yes, it’s not comfortable, but it’s definitely worth it.


It’s important to be social, to embrace your social life and get out there and meet new people. Though it’s tempting to shut yourself in and work solely on your own projects, getting out there and seeing people, making time for every pillar of your life, that’s the only way to truly grip success. 

Attend events, make time to socialize and you never know who you might meet. Having connections and leading by example are two great ways to be respected. Connections built on friendship and mutual respect rather than using each other and name-dropping, now those are the ones that will last for life.


Anything is possible with the right plan. Successful businesswomen have a contingency plan and know the importance of planning ahead. They plan for every possible outcome, good or bad. They plan their perfect day, they put meetings in the calendar ahead of time and make sure that, no matter what, they’re prepared. 

Making a plan not only for your day but for the rest of the year and beyond is the best way to tackle every week and be on top of everything you need to do. Successful businesswomen also know exactly what to do when things don’t go according to plan, so plan for the worst possible outcome too. That way, nothing is a surprise and you’re always on top.


Even the most respected of businesswomen need to turn off sometimes. Are you likely to find Anna Wintour slobbing out in her PJ’s? Who knows? But she’s human, so probably. You need to take at least one day off from being on top of everything and find a ‘vice’ to help you de-stress. That doesn’t necessarily have to be a negative thing, by the way. Your vice could be an hour at the gym, a new hobby, playing video games. You need something that will force you to switch off and stop thinking about work and personal development. 

You will be giving 1000% at work if you give 1000% at home too, so give yourself a break and enjoy your time to switch off.


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