The One Essential Step You Need In Your Daily Workout Routine

I’m working on my fitness and health at the moment, which means booking regular boot camps, trying my best to run on the treadmill, keeping track of my macros and learning to push myself hard. The end goal is to get trim before my wedding dress fitting, but every little thing that happens along the way is just an added boost. There’s one thing that changed the game for me though, and that was tracking my fitness journey.

Having somewhere to concretely write down every meal, every workout, and all the things I’m doing well is a game-changer. There’s a power in writing everything down for sure, it’ll stop you from cheating – no more cheat meals or skipped gym sessions.

With that in mind, one thing I’ve learned is that you can’t just show up to the gym once and think that your workout is effective and doing what you want. You need to make it count, and you can do that at home too – of course! It’s all about your plan, so if you want to smash your fitness goals before the summer all you need is a plan for the next twelve weeks.


No matter if it’s day one or day 100 you need to start somewhere. Take a progress photo of where you are right now and make a note of all your measurements, whether you want to gain muscle, lose weight, or don’t really care, it’s a good idea to start with day one and have an actual written record of your progress.

The Fit Is The Sh*t planner is designed to make working out easy and tracking your goals fun. Every month, there is space for a progress photo. Take your progress photo in the same way, facing the same background, every time. Wear the same outfit, stand straight and look into the camera, because in a month’s time, that photo will have changed.



The key to setting smart goals is in reflecting and deciding what you really want and why you’re pushing yourself towards it. If you’re working on your fitness for the wrong reason, you’ll struggle to stick to it, no matter if you’ve started with all the motivation in the world. The Fit Is The Sh*t planner starts you off on the right foot by asking you why exactly you want this, what you want and why you want it, and how you’re going to motivate yourself.

Fill in this section and really think about it, your motivation to work out should be about how you feel, not how you look (that’s just a nice bonus!).


Before you can expect your fitness routine to have results, you should keep an honest record of your week (or each day) and make note of all the important things you’ve planned for yourself. Track everything from your meals to workouts you’ve scheduled in, there are no excuses with the Fit Is The Sh*t planner, no matter the time of day or how you’re feeling you should show up and make a commitment to yourself that you keep. The in-depth section for week planning allows you to have flexibility in planning what you think is most important, while the daily plan sections allow you to go further into the details, and log how your day was, making room for positive vibes!


You can update your measurements and weight in the planner, and reflect on your progress. There are reflection sections to keep track of your progress and actually think about what you’ve achieved and what you want to achieve next week. It’s important to think also about what didn’t go so well, and how you’re going to improve on it next week.

Follow this format every week and in twelve weeks you’ll have smashed your goals. Go back over week one and have a look at the reflection and your measurements any time to see how you’ve progressed, and with monthly progress photos, you’ll be right on top of your fitness goals and ready to smash every single week.

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