The One TED Talk That Helped Me Reach My Goals


I’m always looking for the most inspiring TED talk to help me feel motivated. A couple of weeks ago I came across a TED Talk that changed my life and way of thinking massively. Like most of us, I have a list of goals I wish to achieve sooner or later in life. Some of them are fun and easy, and some goals will be amazing once I’ve reached them, but the journey to getting there is going to be hard.

I wanted to be able to run 5k within 25 min for example. Reaching the goal made me excited but running every other day to help me reach that specific goal was dreadful and I had so many negative feelings every time it was running day.

The video that helped me reset my goals:

The TED Talk I came across is by Marissa Peers, who is an award-winning therapist, and she basically explains how collaborating with and rewiring your brain can help you achieve your wildest dreams and reach beyond your limits. Instead of linking pain and negative feelings towards me training every other day I had to rewire my brain to link running to joy and pleasure to the goal, which helped massively in my, usually, daily struggle.

Most of us are able to control our minds and what we tell our brains we are experiencing. The TED Talk explains how you can change and rewire your brain and basically reach the goals you’ve dreamed of.

It is an absolute must watch and I dare you to try it out and see how this works for you.

1. Tell your mind what you want

Tell your mind exactly what you want, link pleasure to going there and pain to not going there, so you can motivate your mind

2. Train your brain

Link positive thoughts to the journey, and painful thoughts to staying the same and not taking action. There’s a reason why this is the most inspiring TED talk, in my opinion, it helps you to think about the subconscious associations you’re putting on things every day.

3. Change the pictures

We all have a brilliant brain. So don’t ever talk yourself down or feel as though you aren’t as good as you could be. Whenever you feel like you can’t do something, spend ten minutes rationalizing while you feel that way, and then talk yourself out of it. If you feel like, for example, you can’t cope with your exams, think about why – are you studying enough? Are you getting enough sleep? Make small tweaks and change what you can.

4. Make the familiar, unfamiliar 

Make self-belief so normal to you that everyone else believes in you as well! This concept works for almost anything.

Let me know what you think after watching it in the comments below…


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