The One Thing Every Woman Should Do This Summer


The best thing you can do this summer is redefine the way you think about yourself. Guess what, you are sexy. You are fiiiine. Every time you look in the mirror, you know you’re an example of someone who gets what they want, who lives their best life and pushes themselves to be the best version they can possibly be.

Redefining sexy is what our entire new line is about. Because sexy to us is about health, it’s about feeling your best and doing your best. We’re sick of seeing the same messages every summer, about feeling sexy, looking good, losing weight, having a bikini body. Actually, to have a bikini body you need precisely two things. A bikini, and a body.

So, we’d like to introduce you to our brand new line. CGD LONDON is bringing something different, something new, a chance to Redefine Sexy.

Every single product in our line will help you to be your best self, and remind you of exactly what makes you sexy. Your determination, your hard work, and how good you feel every single day. That’s the aim of every product in the line.


We noticed that all the most successful women have the same things that they make time for, to help them stay on top, from working out to spending time with family. Keeping track of the four pillars of the Win At Life system is the best way to stay on top and be your best self. Every single page will allow you to track your perfect day (and adjust it for tomorrow) from your mood to your workouts, time spent with family, time spent on relationships, and the food you eat. It’s all about you. And to truly help you Win At Life, the back pages contain advice on how to boost your moods and make every day a winner. Pre-order now.


If there’s one thing you should do at the end of every day, it’s practice gratitude. It’s proven to boost your mood and make you appreciate what you have. 365 Days Of Gratitude encourages you to fill in prompts every single day and reflect on the day you’ve had. The prompts are the same throughout, to keep things as simple as possible and allow you to reflect and come up with new ideas on why each day is a joy. Gratitude is the key to mindfulness, positivity, and doing your absolute best every day. So, how are you going to make the next 365 days? Shop now.


In our office, we love a good mug. The best kind are big enough for anything you want from your black coffee in the morning to your prosecco in the evening (hey we don’t judge, Fridays call for a little fizz sometimes). The best kind of mug reminds you that you’re making it happen, living your dreams, and doing your best work. To us, that’s pretty sexy. And so is this mug. Pink, with a slogan, delicately etched in, with a little hidden reminder to always live your best life. Grab this mug now and remind yourself of your hidden powers. Pre-order now.


When you drink more water, not only will you feel great and look great, but you’ll perform better too. Whether it’s a workout class or a tough meeting, take the Water Tracking Bottle with you to remind you why you’ve got to fill this bottle up again. Rather than just telling you what time to fill up, this bottle will remind you of the benefits of drinking more water, feeling good and doing good. Pre-order now.


The Fit Is The Sh*t has had an overhaul! Inside, you’ll find inspiration and articles, fitness tracking, progress photos, and more to help you set a fitness goal and smash it in twelve weeks. With a big redesign, focusing on how you feel not how much you weigh, this is the newest version of our bestselling Fit Is The Sh*t planner, you’ll be in your best health and fitter than ever in no time! Pre-order now.

Alone, each of these products has a purpose, to help you take care of yourself even when you’re so busy you can barely think. Together, they work to help you feel good, be more positive, drink more water, eat right, work out, and enjoy a quiet moment every so often.

Because after all, the sexiest thing you can do is take care of yourself.



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