The Only Two Workouts You Need To Do In 2018


Improving fitness is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions. In January we’re all determined to commit to an extensive fitness program and maintain our health and figures. But let’s face it by the end of February, our newly-invested-in gym memberships go, for the most part, unused. The trick to sticking to an exercise regime is to find the right one for you. In your quest for the perfect bod give these workouts a go, they’re the only ones you’re going need this year!




Boxing is the hottest thing in fitness right now, every celeb from Victoria’s Secret Angels to Kim K praise its effectiveness. It’s even taken over indoor-cycling as the new cardio craze!



While it seems intimidatingly intensive, it offers a nice break from lower body-focussed workouts and it’s easy and simple to learn while being the ultimate workout. In a typical sixty-minute. high-intensity session you could burn as much as seven hundred calories! Utilizing a smart combination of aerobic (relying on oxygen) and anaerobic (short-bursts without oxygen) to stimulate all your muscle groups, boxing improves your cardiovascular performance. motor skills and body conditioning! Throw in a bit of jump rope and you can see why people love it!

I highly recommend everyone to book a boxing class, especially when feeling really stressed. There’s no better way to release tension than to hit things, so why not tone up while you’re at it! But if your time is already spread thin, boxing workouts at home can be just as effective!


Functional training 


Like boxing, functional training isn’t new but is set to see a resurgence in 2018. The idea is to focus on enhancing strength on all planes of motion. The idea is to adapt and develop exercises which allow you to perform the activities of daily life more easily and without injury.

Think about the daily movements you make: twisting, bending, pushing, pulling, and lifting. If you wish to live a healthier and active life, functional training needs to be the baseline of all you do.


Improve your daily movements by building on them in the gym or at home. Get familiar with resistance bands, medicine balls, and weights. The more developed your muscles are the more calories you burn making everyday movements, so this workout is perfect for fitness longevity. Trainers in 2018 see the trend leaning more towards weightlifting and kettlebell classes, so get ahead a book one asap!

Like boxing one of the great benefits of functional training is it can take place in your home. For all us busy people, investing in some at-home dumbbells and resistance bands might just be the thing that saves our fitness in 2018!

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  1. I recently posted about how I quit the gym and started only doing Tabata – it has changed my life and I get my workouts done in 15 minutes only 3x per week!

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