The Parisian Look: 8 Secrets To Look Parisian Pretty

Have you ever noticed how effortlessly beautiful French girls are? Gorgeous hair, perfect skin, beautiful figures… and the best look of all: killer confidence. How do they do it? I had to find out. French girls are beautiful in a way that is both effortless and mysterious. How do they always manage to look so healthy and happy – and make it look like it was no work at all? We had to find out! Here are 8 secrets for achieving that “Parisian”look.

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#1 –  French girls are careful in the sun
Sunbathing is dangerous, but they know the importance of Vitamin D. For French girls a natural sun-kissed glow is their go to look. Less is more when it comes to French girl chic.

#2 – French girls are not workout-obsessed
British women often feel pressure to look a certain way, thanks in large part, to the media. French girls do not care for indoor workouts.

#3 – French girls know the benefits of water
France is famous for its many mineral water springs and the benefits of water are often used in beauty products. French brands like Vichy and Avène use mineral water in their products and are very popular among French girls

#4- French girls love masks
A face mask will take care of impurities ever so gently and leave your face glowing.

#5 – French love DIY
A lot of Parisian women have their own at-home spa rituals, with ingredients that can be found in your fridge or cupboards. They love olive oil.

#6 -French girls believe less is more
French girls are famous for their minimal ‘no’ makeup look. Natural beauty is very important for French girls, they don’t feel comfortable with a heavy makeup look. Less is more.

#7 – French girls aren’t afraid to go au natural
We’re admittedly product junkies here in the U.K. We obsess over the latest colours and technologies. We use makeup to play around with our look, use false lashes, a fake tan etc. French girls only makeup to polish themselves a little

#8 -French girls take skin care seriously
When you don’t wear a lot of makeup, you skin has to look flawless. French women are really serious about their skin care regimens. They have different steps in their routine from cleanser to serum to SPF and beyond.

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  1. Great tips – maybe it will give me confidence to go out with no make up…

  2. The less is more philosophy is definitely a thing! French girls can look sophisticated and natural at the same time, I like the look!

  3. As an American living in Paris, I can vouch for all of the above! Skincare is key here, and going out with a natural face is no big deal (something that I have learned in my time here as well). And yes, the French women don’t work out! They just walk everywhere and enjoy food in moderation.


  4. As a french girl I can both agree and disagree with your post. All of these things were true but sadly they’re not anymore because of the sudden Americanization and now a lot of frenchies are all about the heavy makeup you see on american celebs and american makeup and skincare brands. I think that it is sad because we’re initially known for our “naturally chic” style and it’s slowly fading

  5. Agreed! I lived in Paris for the summer too and walking everywhere and stopping in a boulangerie for a snack while strolling was a great way to stay fit and get a light sun kissed glow.

  6. I can totally get on board with Parisian beauty, it’s dreamy!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty –

  7. Great tips! French women always look so beautiful and well put together. I especially love what you said about wearing makeup only to polish yourself a little and that less is more. That is so very true. Thank you for sharing!

  8. This is a really interesting list particularly with the mineral water. Big fan of Evian water (yes, I’m one of those people who think bottled water tastes differently according to the company), but never thought about using it in skincare. The French are so sophisticated and now we know why haha

  9. These are great tips! I just finished “How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are” which was a lot like this article :)

    xo, Liz

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