4 Quick Tips That Will Make Contouring Like A Kardashian Easy

Photo Ania Milcarczyk

Contouring. A girl’s best friend and worst enemy. I wouldn’t say I exactly know what I’m doing, but I do try. Some of my favorite photos of myself are thanks to the sheer amount of bronzer I packed onto my cheeks that evening. I finally look slender faced! But putting my moon-face aside, everyone wants to know how to do it right, how to look sculpted like the models do but not too scary in real life (pro tip, if you want longer legs like a model click here!) I managed to steal a makeup artist away from her job for a few minutes and ask her the important questions about contouring, here’s what she said.

1. Start subtle

“The big mistake everyone usually makes is going in really heavy and then trying to blend out, which is why we end up looking a bit dirty in some places, blending can leave it streaky and rubbed off in places – so it’s better to start really light and then just pat it in with a beauty blender or build it up with a fan brush.”

Did you know you can contour your eyes too? Check out our guide here.


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2. Contour from your earlobe to the corner of your mouth

“Kylie Jenner’s makeup artist recommends contouring your ears too, but I’m not convinced. I do believe you shouldn’t forget to blend your foundation up into your ears, then use your ears and lips as a guide for where your contour should actually go. I have three or four favorites for different looks on different girls, for a really sculpted yet natural look I’d recommend Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpting Palette, it also fits in most clutch bags.”


3. Get your colors right!

“Contouring isn’t actually one size fits all, warm dark shades will not look like natural shadows on really pale skin. Plus, contouring isn’t just dark shades – you can contour your face with light shades too, it’s all about creating shadows and angles, so using a light shade on your forehead, t-zone and above your eyes will make those areas pop while you use the darker shade to sculpt the rest. Cult favorite Anastasia’s Contouring Palette has lots of colors that are suitable for all skin tones if you’re a fan of powders.”

4. Choose a contouring palette for your specific needs

“Dry skin would benefit from a cream contour palette and oily skin would suit a powder palette better, but there are lots of other ways to contour. Sleek has cream contouring palettes that are great for dry skin and come complete with everything you need to create a contoured look.”

Your skin condition could actually improve if you do a facial steam in your bathroom, that way you can use any and all contouring palettes without shine or dryness. Want to know how? Read our article here.

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