The Routine I’m Using To Get The Perfect Beach Body

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Going away on a vacay at the end of the month has meant I need to up my game slightly. I really believe that being healthy and getting the body goals you want is not impossible. In fact, it’s actually easy. I know we’re all on Instagram commenting ‘goals’ on all those beach babes, but actually, the only goals I believe in are the ones that make us stronger, happier, and healthier!

In the past month, I’ve been doing more than I ever have in my life, working out so hard I was sure I was dead last week (eye roll!) and I’m doing it all for myself. That quote ‘working on myself, for myself, by myself’ is what’s keeping me going. I enjoy myself when I need to but take everything in moderation. Want to know how to get that beach body fast? Here’s my life plan.

1. Step it up

Working out once a week is great. That was my baseline, and it helped me to adjust to more activity. I won’t do HIIT every day because that might actually kill me, but I will do weight training, skipping, or running for the other two days a week. My advice to step it up would be to know that you’ve got this. You seriously can’t go wrong once you put on your bounciest sneakers, your kick-ass playlist and get moving. Whenever I wear sneakers I get a serious mood boost and want to run to work, dance down the corridor and move more!

The major motivator for me was meeting with my friends once a week to workout together. That way, we can all complain together and also catch up without doing our usual, wine, pizza, cocktails regime. I’d recommend starting running and downloading couch to 5k. I’m even taking my workout clothes on vacation with me, that’s the kind of dedication I have. Three times a week is the minimum you should be working out to see fast results, and it doesn’t have to kick your ass every time, just simple running, jogging, or skipping will do.

2. Re-asses your diet 

Keeping track of what you eat is a good idea, but don’t get too crazy with it. At the start, I was logging every single food I ate, now not so much, because I’ve already built better habits. Build a baseline, trick yourself into eating healthy food at first and then you’ll come to prefer it. Swap chocolate bars for breakfast ones with slow releasing carbs, swap full-fat drinks for diet ones, swap milk for almond, soy, or coconut milk. Swap your lunchtime sandwich for a wholemeal tortilla, soup, or something as nice as a chickpea curry.

For me, it’s all about staying in love with the food I’m eating. I have to switch it up and try new things, which means getting new cooking books. At the moment, I’m loving Cravings by Chrissy Teigen. And I know, it’s not one of those low-calorie health food cookbooks, but in it, she talks about her relationship with food, and how you can still love and make delicious healthy food, and have nice things in moderation.

3. Get some tech to keep you going

What really shocked me into starting was getting a Fitbit for my birthday. I could finally see how little I moved in comparison to my friends and family, and boy were they challenging me. So I set a goal of 10,000 steps a day and then I resolved myself to hit it. I took the Fitbit with me everywhere and linked it to My Fitness Pal, so now I can keep track of my input + output. I tell everyone that this was the biggest change, just getting off a stop or two earlier and walking home changed my life, seriously. All my brand new jeans started falling off me, just from walking around.

4. Keep it up, babe!

One thing I’ve noticed is that after a few weeks, your motivation will start to wane. It’s happened to all of us, we suddenly decide that maybe we will reach for the chips, after all. I’ve done quite well, I’ve allowed myself to have treats at parties or occasions but I haven’t reached for full-fat fizzy drinks or snacks at all at work or afterward. How am I keeping it up? I’m using teamwork to make the dream work, and keep talking to my friends to hold me accountable. Failing that, I remind myself that I’m stronger and healthier today than I was six months ago, and every day I’m stronger than I was yesterday!



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  1. If you change one day of running and go sprinting you will burn more calories and burn body fat like nothing .Hope i helped??

  2. Good tips! I’m definitely in the plateau of motivation at the moment (and at the crucial time too, got far too many balls/holidays coming up!) but I totally agree that simply walking is a great form of exercise that you never really realise you’re doing! Not having a car at uni causes me to drop a load of weight simple because I have to walk everywhere!

    JosieVictoriaa // Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle

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