The Skills Every Woman Needs In 2019 To Be Successful



If you want to be successful in 2019, you have to stay ahead of the curve, that’s a fact. Learning new skills is the only way you’ll stay on top of your game and bring fresh insight to whatever you’ve got planned for next year. Skillshare is offering a 2-month free membership right now; and with so many courses from calligraphy to time management, you’ll be able to learn a whole handful of new skills.

Trust us, there’s one key to staying on top and smashing your goals in 2019 and that’s learning new skills! Here are a few essentials for 2019 and beyond…



At Google HQ, time theming is a popular way of scheduling the day. It basically relies on building your perfect week around what you need and want to do. In 2019, you need to kick productivity in the ass and focus on getting stuff done. To make this year the best year for yourself, you need to make sure you’re getting the right things done and focusing your time on what’s important.

This class by Mike Vardy will take you through your to-do list, your email, and your calendar. It’ll pick apart what you’re actually doing and help you theme your week and create the perfect time theming method. Enroll here.



Whether you’re more analytical or tend to have nothing to do with creative thinking, developing that side of your mind has so many benefits. It can help you think about things in a different way in your career and help you think of new goals and ideas you want to pursue. Creativity doesn’t have to mean standard pursuits like painting, drawing, or design. You can be creative while thinking and reflecting, too.

Creative Writing For All: A 10-Day Challenge will not only help you develop your creative brain, but it’ll help you look around and think about the details of your life. The daily journaling challenge will help you reflect, and develop your creative mind. You can even use this class to fill in your Getting Stuff Done planner! Enroll here.



Coding is never going out of style. If you’re thinking about skills you can use to leverage yourself in 2019, this is way up there. Being able to code makes you valuable not only in your career but as a freelancer too. Introduction to HTML: Build a Portfolio Website is the class you need right now.

While following this class, you’ll learn how to build a four-page online portfolio, and judging by some of the completed class projects, this is easier than you think. With just some magic code, you’ll learn how to create sentences, change the background, and add elements. Giving yourself the building blocks of coding that you can really benefit from! Enroll here.



No matter what kind of industry you’re in, there’s a certain power about thinking visually. You need to be able to take abstract concepts, research, and details and turn them into something that can link together. If you need to communicate ideas, create a pitch, or just link ideas together for a project or dissertation, you’re going to need this skill.

Designer Catherine Madden teaches the power of visual thinking in this class, you’ll learn how to visualize a journey you often take, create a mind map and think visually. This is perfect if you often need to present ideas or plan concepts from a string of different ideas altogether. This is a skill you can use no matter what you specialize in. Enroll here.

Don’t forget, Skillshare is offering a 2-month free membership right now! Sign up and boost those skills.


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