Question Of The Day: Is The Spend Gap Worse Than The Wage Gap?


So, we’ve all heard about the wage gap, but have you guys heard about the gender spending gap? It’s sparking a lot of interest and debate at the moment, and it’s all down to the idea that women spend more money than men, while they earn less. The argument at the moment is that feminists are working really hard to fight the wage gap and that the spending gap proves there’s no real discrepancy in wages, because some people argue, if women spent less – they’d probably have more.

Putting my personal opinion aside for now. The argument rests on the obvious fact that women spend more than men, for example, according to The Independent, women will spend over £70,000 on their appearance in their lifetime. While men who spend money on their grooming products will spend considerably less. It’s not only that, but women tend to take care of the groceries and the house. And as this is a subject that requires a lot of debate, we decided to see what the opinions out there really were.

Some of these answers are interesting – don’t forget to let us know what you think! 


“Want to know why women spend more? Because women are given the chore of managing money. It is an incredibly common anti-feminist argument that women have the privilege of being in charge of household spending. The fact that this argument is common shows how utterly dishonest anti-feminism is at its core and the degree to which people have to deny plain reality.” – @ Frederic Christie


“I’ve seen estimates that women carry out 85% of consumer spending, including cars, houses, electronics and so on. That means about 5 times as much as men. But where does this money come from? Are men just saving up their money? Are women secretly burglars? It is an anomaly which can’t be brushed aside. However, using a bit of common sense, an innocent explanation comes to mind – in relationships, women get most of the money and/or take on the responsibility of going out and buying things. Would you prefer to be a man and work and spend certain amounts or be a woman who works 20% less and spend 5 times as much? I think females have the much better side of the arrangement (on average).” – @ Christoper Reid



“There’s also something called the “pink tax,” which is a “phenomenon” where women pay more for goods just because they’re for women and/or have goods needed only by women (such as menstrual products) taxed as “luxury items.” Can you imagine if you had to pay a dollar every time you used a urinal just because you are capable of peeing while standing? The difference is that you can opt out of that and we can’t opt out of menstruation — at least not in a way that doesn’t itself also cost money. So, yeah, the spending gap sucks, but it’s not because we’re out hitting Rodeo Drive on the daily.” – @ Heather Barnett

“Wage gap: Women have NO CHOICE in this. It does not make them happy.

Spending gap: Women gladly make this choice themselves. It makes them happier.” – @ Uche Metuh

“Let’s start with the fact that the wage gap doesn’t exist. It’s blatantly illegal to pay a woman less than a man for the same work. There does exist an earnings gap, where men tend to amass more in the long run, but this is due to rational socioeconomic factors and different life choices rather than institutional sexism.” – @ Leonardo Cunha


“Because at a young age girls are conditioned to buy beauty products. The basic products like shampoo and soap are on average more expensive than male products. Then add all the crèmes and makeup, accessories, elaborate clothing. Yes, we don’t have to buy them but when we don’t we aren’t girly, feminine or ‘sexy’. Believe me, I have lost out on job opportunities because I refuse to wear makeup (receptionist work so you had to look presentable and apparently that means makeup).” – @ Emma Westerveld


I’d love to know what you career girls think about this. Share your opinions in the comments…



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  1. Omg some of these infuriated me. Really? Did we rob banks? So men get the better deal because they give us all the money? As someone who works my ass off for the right to pay for my husband I’m

  2. Really interesting, I didn’t know there was a spending gap. I can say that I’m trouble by how many products are marketed to women, and I feel a lot of our culture promotes that for women especially. By these clothes, you’ll feel better, buy these beauty products and your life will be better, etc. It makes me feel like I should be buying clothes and makeup everyday!

    Eva |

  3. Wow, this post is really interesting! It angers me that people say ‘women should spend less’ when women are told that they shouldn’t have body hair, they should wear make-up, they need anti-ageing products etc. Hair removal and make-up is damn expensive! Women razors are the same as men’s razors but we have to pay £10 more because women razors are pink! Not to mention the pink tax, women should NOT be taxed on sanitary towels or tampons!

  4. If the men’s razor is the same, you should buy that one because it is cheaper. Why would you knowingly pay more for the same product? Nothing is preventing you from buying the men’s razor.

  5. I do buy mens razors, thank you very much. It’s the principle that women’s razors are more expensive that’s wrong.

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