Make It Happen: The Strategy To Achieving Your Goals

Do you know the difference between goals and strategies? Most people have a list of goals that are actually strategies (guilty!). Take making more money, for example, this is not a goal, but a strategy. The feeling you get out of making more money, having more security and living to a better standard, is more often than not the actual goal people want to achieve.

Another example will be the targets your company might set for the team. In order to keep the company ‘alive’ and ‘healthy’ and having the feeling that your job is secure, targets must be met. So even though meeting your targets might feel like a goal to you, in the grand scheme of things, taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture it is actually part of a company strategy aimed at fulfilling the maximum potential, therefore ensuring their end target is reached.

So what are your goals in life? And what are you doing in order to achieve them? The road to achieving your goals determines whether you will reach your goals or not. Knowing the difference between a goal and a strategy is the first step in this process. You may need to rewrite your list of goals in order to find out what feeling it is that you want to achieve.

If we break it down even further and take the whole process into consideration, the G.O.S.T. model is a very useful tool:


So before reading this far, you original “goal” was simply to make more money. Now, using the G.O.S.T model as mentioned above, you will see that it is possible to achieve everything that you want, but the reason you could have failed up to this point is simply down to your current perspective. Structuring things differently, it could look a little like this;

Goal: Experience the comfort and security of being financially stable

Objective: Becoming a millionaire

Strategy: Starting your own company

Tactics: Doing a relevant study, read books about being a successful entrepreneur etc.

You can see that everything is linked to each other and at the same time has its own function. Like we discussed before, the goal is the feeling you want to evoke, the objective states what is needed to be done to achieve that goal. The strategy explains the approach you take to reach your objective and the tactics are the actual steps you take in order to successfully achieve all the above.

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Credit: Levo

  • ronlet

    brilliant!!!! truly loved this post

  • Lauren

    Brilliant breakdown, I’m saving this to plan out my goals better this weekend!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  • Lucy Van Dean

    Great post! Thinking about what’s your goal and how to achieve it is a safer way to make it happen.

  • therealaarinola

    This is extremely clever. That is definitely on of my goals.

    1. Be a a better me
    Goal: Feel confident and secure in myself cositently anywhere I go.
    Objective: Be comfortable in social situations
    Strategy: Have a successful blog/YouTube channel
    Tactics: Do research on successful blogging, find my niche, read self help books.

  • Alexandra

    That pyramid/triangle idea will be my new phone background to remind myself haha:)x

  • Meredith

    Loved this post! Super insightful, and always nice to look at things with a different perspective. I wrote I post on this idea recently, with regards to how we view an “okay day” versus a perfect day. Check it out!

  • Sri

    This is a great post! Do you believe goal setting is effective if it’s done based off your formula? Because I still see many people setting goals but they never take action.

  • Mónica Zamora

    great article. Thanks for sharing