The Trick Romee Strijd Uses To Wake Up Looking Fresh Faced


Romee Strijd seems to have it all. As a Victoria’s Secret model, she works out eats right and lives a healthy and balanced life. Her skin and hair are effortlessly polished, and she manages her time well.

We always enjoy collecting tips from successful women who’ve got their lives together, and one thing that can inspire us all is how these women know that in order to get everything done, they need to wake up early, make no excuses and get things done.

Romee is no exception to that, she gets up, works out and gets ready for the day. We all want to know how successful women look and feel their best in the morning. Romee’s skin always looks glowing and flawless, and she’s always ready to tackle the day. So if you want to know the secret, luckily, Romee has a few tips and tricks that will point you in the right direction.

Romee occasionally shares tips and tricks in her vlog on everything from Victoria’s Secret shows to how she eats healthily and what she’s up to on the weekends. In this vlog, she shares how she gets ready for a Victoria’s Secret show, including a morning workout and using a face mask while she gets ready in the morning.

Romee’s morning routine is pretty regimented. She’ll make a coffee and use a face mask for 15-20 minutes in the morning while she gets ready. The face mask she swears by is the Rose Gold Brightening Mask by 111SKIN. It’s one of the less expensive face masks in the 111SKIN line and is recommended before events. So if you’ve got something big coming up – give this a go.

Founded by cosmetic surgeon Dr. Yannis Alexandrides, this face mask is designed to be healing and hydrating. It’s good for signs of aging, but even better for a career girl with a busy lifestyle who needs to make sure her skin doesn’t show how hard she works. It’s also infused with 24-karat rose gold particles that brighten and firm the skin. But the best thing about it is that it’s cooling and helps you to wake up fresh-faced. Find out more about it here.

Rose Gold Brightening Mask by 111SKIN available here.

Romee’s whole morning routine is catered to help her feel her best. She’ll make sure she eats a balanced breakfast of yogurt with goji berries or avocado, eggs on toast and goes for a workout.

As you can imagine, working out is a huge part of Romee’s day, and sweating is really good for your skin and will help you to look fresh throughout the day. If you can’t make it to the gym, Romee swears by buying a skipping rope and doing 30 minutes of skipping wherever you are. She even does it in her hotel room while she’s away.

To keep that fresh look throughout the day, Romee uses a face mist.

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How do you get your skin looking fresh in the morning?



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  1. How incredibly easy and boring models life is. She is like 20 years old she doesn’t need those stupid elastic masks ,she is just damages her skin, as saying goes if it isn’t broken don’t fix it.

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