The Top 7 Most Popular Beauty Products Every Girl Wants In Her Beauty Bag Right Now

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We’ve created a list with the most popular beauty products everyone wants currently. Let’s have a closer look and see if it’s really worth the hype…

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Mascara is a must have in my make-up bag and because of my really short lashes I have the highest standards when it comes to the finding the perfect one. This mascara curls, separates, boosts volume and lengthens for maximum drama.

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Amazing, Amazing, Amazing, but that is expected with all her products I have never bought anything and been let down. The colours in here are great for contouring light to medium skin tones. They have a lot more shades available and you are able to build your own kits.

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A lot of YouTube makeup artists are using this product & I decided to look into it. When I found out that it was only $20 for this reusable product I couldn’t say no. I ended up ordering it and LOVED IT!! I use it every single day to apply my concealer and to even out my liquid foundation. It helps give you a flawless look &its wonderful that it is reusable. I highly highly recommend this to everyone who is into makeup and getting that flawless look! You can’t go wrong with $20


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Hourglass’ velvet-smooth, soft-focus finishing powders re-create the effects of flattering light on any skin tone by concealing imperfections and minimizing the appearance of pores and fine lines. Create a multi-dimensional look with this trio – it includes two of the brand’s most popular shades and the exclusive Incandescent Light.


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I have read lots of rave reviews and they are all correct! Expensive but worth it, lovely fragrance and makes you look as though you have just had a fabulous glossy blow dry.


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I have tried some really expensive products over the years and this product is alittle wonder. My skin looks so fresh and clean plus it smells incredible! One little tip. Apply the cream and massage into the skin for about five minutes in small circular motions, then leave on for between 15 mins to half an hour and then wash off with a soft sponge. Your skin will be glowing!


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David Kirsch’s Thermo Bubbles are the ultimate compliment to a healthy diet. Whether you’re just starting to eat right or need to boost your fitness regime, Kirsch’s exclusive blend of vitamins, minerals and herbs can help boost your metabolism, curb your appetite and promote lean muscle mass. Contains 10 sachets. Currently sold out but more stock is coming soon! We can’t wait to try it!

  1. Um, the next the last product is coconut oil. Just coconut oil. In a tiny container for $20. That’s so stupid. I buy a 32oz organic, cold pressed tub on Amazon for half of that, literally. It amazes me how beauty companies sell the most basic stuff for 100x the cost and sell it to gullible label whores.

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