The Top Books That Motivated The CGD Team

By now, you obviously know we love books. As a team we’ve been so inspired by books and so we thought it’d be cool to talk about our favourite reads and how they inspired us to be the people we are today. So read on to get some inspiring additions to your reading list.

If You Have To Cry, Go Outside by Kelly Cutrone

Celina, creative director CGD: “I bought this book at a point in my life where I didn’t know where I wanted to go, or what I wanted to be. It helped me to focus and figure out where I wanted to be and stop myself from being disappointed with my own success. Kelly had no house or money and somehow she made it, I found that really inspiring”

#Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso

“Again with this book I was inspired and motivated by an empowered woman who took charge. This book taught me that everything is possible if you have talent as long as you believe in yourself, it was fascinating to see how she built something so big!”

The Goddess Experience by Gisele Scanlon

Beth: Managing Editor, CGD: “I love fiction, I have an English Literature degree, so this was a tough decision for me. In terms of books that changed my perception, I bought The Goddess Experience when I was around 18, at that point in my life I was struggling to find my own identity, but I couldn’t put this book down. It gave me so many ideas for the creative things I wanted to do and showed me that a book doesn’t have to be just filled with words. I really absorbed every part of the book and it actually helped me decide to start getting serious about blogging.”

Write by Guardian Books

“I bought this after University when I was down and out and I loved the whole concept of a book written by huge authors, from Susan Hill to Margaret Atwood. I was particularly inspired by Al Kennedy’s rules because they work so well in life. ‘Defend yourself, defend your work, defend others and have humility.'”

It’s Not How Good You Are It’s How Good You Want To Be by Paul Arden

Emilie Editorial Intern, CGD: “This book helped me so much when I was very young and didn’t know where I was going. It’s a quick fix of motivation and it guided me in the direction of knowing that I want to create something and I want to believe in myself. I’ve grown my self-confidence a lot in the last 12 months, moved away from home, gained my independence, I started my  blog and when I did I was so nervous I was almost sick. This book amongst so many other things helped me grow as a person.”

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Regine Creative Intern, CGD: “Louisa is in a position where she’s settled, she’s unhappy, lives with her parents and is 27 years old. She gets a job looking after a guy called Will who used to be adventurous but had an accident that left him paralysed. Working together, she learns that life is never as bad as you think it is. They learn from each other and grow, and the main take away from it is that you should never settle and if you want to go somewhere or do something you should go for it, and embrace your dreams!”

  • leanne

    I love to read but recently have been feeling no motivation or drive so this post came at a perfect time! I’m so going to check out these books.

    • shelley

      My family includes 3 young female engineers-so I have to put in another plug for “Lean In’ it shows how to be comfortable as a leader and has techniques for navigating the workplace with strength and grace!

  • Allison

    I loved #girlboss, but I definitely want to check out “Me Before You” and Kelly Cutrone’s book!

    • Blondes & Bagels

      Omg you HAVE to read Kelly’s book. It was really good and really transparent. She’s got a really honest way about her…and I like the philosophy! Her point – we don’t have time to cry in the office so realize it’s not personal, it’s business, and if you have to cry go outside.

      • Exactly it was such an eye opener for me!

  • Laura Mareno

    I want to read Me before you and The goddess experience so baaaad! Great list! kisses:)

  • Rita.Z

    I’m getting back to reading after saying a million times that i don’t have time, but I’ve managed to read while i’m on the bus which is every single week day. I wrote all of these books’ names down to check them out in my next visit to the book store or the library. Thanks for sharing!
    Rita.Z x

  • Blondes & Bagels

    I’ve read almost all the books on this list and they’re totally awesome! I even went to the paperback release book signing for #Girlboss here in SF last week. Unfortunately Sophia Amoruso is less than stellar in person (an awkward public speaker and seems less than friendly) which sort of ruined my love affair with her book. It’s still in my top 5 – totally worth a read – but sometimes it’s a bummer to meet the author you’ve pictured in your head!

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  • Cheryl

    Love Kelly Cutrone… diddnt realise she had come through such stuggles! I am 1/4 through Sheryl Sandbergs, ‘Lean In’ at the moment, nd will be adding these to my list after :) Thanks Guys.

    • I’ll be adding lean in on my list!

  • Dana

    Another awesome book is Persuasion, by Arlene Dickinson :)

    The X Class – a success blog

    • Thanks for the tips Dana!

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  • Danielle

    #Girlboss is amazing! Sophia is absolutely an inspiration and made me feel a bit better about spending countless hours eating Doritos and watching bad reality television.

    There’s still hope to have an amazing career!

  • Trang Do

    Wow, great list!! Girlsboss is very inspirational book!!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  • Renee

    Thank you for this. I love inspirational books, so I will be adding this to my summer reading list.

  • Calli Lynn Baio

    I love inspo books and have wanted “#Girlboss” for awhile now. I’ve never heard of “It’s Not How Good You Are It’s How Good You Want To Be”, but I purchased both books and I am looking forward to reading them!

  • janelle m

    I’m always on the hunt for inspirational/motivational/self-help books.
    Thanks for the recs!

    Janelle |