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The Truth About Diet Pills

We all have body hang-ups, and sometimes in the pursuit of a quick-fix to shed weight quickly we can be persuaded onto more dangerous methods like crash diets or diet pills. Recently there have been cases of girls who feel they made awful decisions by using diet pills, as they often lead on to eating disorders and can even cause death, so here at CGD we’re clueing you in about diet pills and the dangers associated with them.


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#1 When should you use diet pills?
You can use diet pills if you’re at risk and have been prescribed weight loss aids or diet pills by a qualified doctor. They will prescribe you weight loss aids if you have a high BMI with a risk factor such as diabetes or high cholesterol or if you suffer from cardiac disease, hyperthyroidism or another debilitating illness.

#2 What do diet pills do?
Diet pills work by suppressing your appetite, regulated pills will be closely monitored by your healthcare professional to ensure you know the risks and side effects associated with the pills.

#3  What are the risks?
The problem with diet pills is that there are lots of unregulated versions floating around on the internet that are easily accessible by young, impressionable girls who are not happy with their weight. These pills contain a tonne of ingredients that are not listed and they’re not regulated by any company to ensure they don’t contain anything toxic.

#4 What can happen if you take unregulated diet pills?
If you buy diet pills online, which is super easy, you won’t necessarily lose weight. Some pills contain tape worms, which aside from being disgusting can do damage to your digestive system. Aside from all the added ingredients that aren’t listed on the pills, taking diet pills without needing them, and without check-ups from a doctor, can lead to cardiac arrest, high blood pressure, vomiting and stomach cramps. Simply put, you can die. It’s not worth the risk girls, if you want a quick way to lose weight, eat healthy balanced meals and do at least an hour of exercise a day.

#5 What to do if you want to take diet pills?
If you’re tempted to take unregulated diet pills, or buy them from an online provider, think about this. You’re putting something in your body that could have come from anywhere and could contain anything, from Viagra to rat poison! Work on your self-love and know that you’re perfect just as you are! If you’re really upset about your body image, make an appointment with your GP and explain your concerns and fears, you may need someone to talk to and a healthy diet and exercise plan monitored by a professional.

You should never put anything dangerous and unregulated into your body, even if it’s cheap and promises great results! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Bloglovin to connect with us CGD girls! X


  1. Alice Toby-Brant says

    Thanks, these sorts of things need to be said.

    • Beth says

      :) If we talk about these things openly more will be done to stop illegal pills and help girls all over feel beautiful inside and out x

  2. Mel says

    So true! There are so many tempting advertisements out there and it’s such a shame when they win the minds of girls. I have a couple friends who are addicted and truly believe that they’re going to solve all entire nutrition fails.
    Thanks for bringing it up girl! :)

    xx, mel

    • Beth says

      You’re very welcome! Oh no, I hope your friends get the nutrition they need! It really stresses me to think of all the girls making decisions based on this lucrative business of good advertisements and quick fixes! Especially as I have 3 little impressionable sisters! Argh! :o xx

  3. Emily Nunn says

    A very important issue to be brought to peoples attention, especially young impressionable girls. Well done!

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