7 Types of People Successful People Avoid



Successful people surround themselves with people who support and encourage them. Sometimes it’s hard to distance yourself from people who are no good for you, and sometimes it’s even harder to spot those people in your life.

These are the people successful people avoid, eliminate negativity from your life and distance yourself from these types of people right now!

1. The User

The user can be difficult to spot at first. They only call you when in need of something or when they don’t have any other plans. They use you as their last resort. However, when you need something or want to genuinely hang out, for some strange reason they’re always busy. Successful people have no time to be used by others, they spend time focusing on themselves.

2. The Hater

Not everybody will get along with everybody else. But sometimes there are people disguising themselves as friends who are actually haters. These are the people most likely to talk behind your back, bring negativity into your life and criticize you while disguising it as a joke.

3. The Copycat

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, or so they say. Copycats won’t get far, you can’t copy someone else’s success, and still, some of us have people in our lives that would copy our business ideas, our hairstyles, our recent purchases. Tread carefully here, successful people know that sometimes copycats are just admiring what you do and struggling with their own sense of self. It’s better to have an honest chat with them than to be cruel.

4. The Complainer

Someone who cannot find one thing to be positive about needs an intervention. You can’t cut everybody out of your life, some people really struggle with being positive, so successful people try to bring the positivity to those relationships and remind them to stay happy. You need to focus on being a more positive and happier person so avoid anyone who makes you feel bad.

5. The Judger

Judgmental people are toxic. They are constantly examining everything you do and when you’re around them, you feel like you’re not free to be yourself. Take my advice: stay away from these people. Successful people never allow someone to change or restrict their personality.

6. The Perfectionist

Ok, so it might be harsh to cut every perfectionist out of your life. We’re not saying to do that, but you might have to avoid them to be successful. You need someone who will get it done, not someone who will get it done perfectly. Perfectionists take time on every little detail, and successful people know that there isn’t enough time to be like that. Which means telling an interviewer you’re a perfectionist might not be such a great idea.

7. The Follower

Finally, the follower. The person that has no new ideas, that never speaks up, that never pushes themselves out of their comfort zone and that credits others for their successes and blames them for their failures. Successful people know that followers need direction and leadership, they need mentoring. But they prefer to surround themselves with thinkers and help the followers to become leaders when they have time.


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  1. This was exactly what I needed to read. Such great points and it opened up my eyes on which people I need to avoid to stay sane. Thank you for writing this :)

  2. Oh my gosh, it’s like this article just wrote my life story. I agree that no one needs these kinds of people in their life, especially the user type!

  3. Such a great read! I agree that I definitely need to cut off Haters and Copycats. These two kinds of people really bother me and make me negative too.


  4. I love how the whiners seem to always appear in my life without my realizing it until it’s too late. I hate cutting people out of my life but it looks like some people are getting cut. #SorryNotSorry

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