The Ultimate Habit Of Highly Successful Career Girls

We’ve all heard of ‘Yes Man’, the fun-filled, feel-good film starring Jim Carrey and Zooey Deschanel, but did you know the true story behind it? Danny Wallace’s memoir ‘Yes Man’ was based on a year of his life where he did nothing but say yes to every offer that came his way. It sounds farfetched, but there are some reasons that saying yes more often could end up changing your life and paving the road to your dream career. Here’s how that one little word could change your life!

The Ultimate Habit Of Highly Successful Career Girls
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#1 Say yes to the ventures that intimidate you
Ok, say no when any opportunity comes up that you don’t like. Definitely say no when a creepy man asks to give you a lift, but say yes when your boss asks you to do something you feel intimidated by, say yes when a co-worker asks you for a favour, say yes to calling ahead and being proactive. There’s a difference between helping out and being available and allowing yourself to be walked over, it’s all about finding out what matters.

#2 Say yes to social engagements
I’m guilty of saying no to social engagements I don’t feel up to. We all have those days where we’re more inclined to sit in our pjs and veg out, and those days can be glorious but don’t let your social life fall behind. Say yes to drinks with out of touch friends or co-workers you haven’t had the chance to get to know, say yes even if you’re not sure you like them! You might be pleasantly surprised!

#3 Say yes to yourself
The most important one, say yes to yourself. Anything that you’ve been giving a lot of thought to deserves to be heard, so say your dreams and goals out loud, realise the wild crazy things you’ve been dreaming up and say yes to putting a plan in action and making your dreams come true!

#4 My story
Since saying yes I’ve written a novel, joined Career Girl Daily, attended London Fashion Week, started a new course and met new people! Of course, you have to be sensible about saying yes all the time, but if you’re like me and tend to say no to anything that intimidates you then saying yes could well be the key to moving you closer to your goals!

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This article is written by Beth!