These Are The 100 Most Influential Women On Twitter Right Now

Guess who is the most influential woman on Twitter? In celebration of the fact that women are dominating social media, The Huffington Post has published a list of the 100 most influential women globally on Twitter.


The most followed Twitter account belongs Katy Perry, she has over 70 million followers, ten million more than Barack Obama. But she’s not the most influential woman on the list. Influence is not just about followers: it’s about how much you engage with other people to make an impact.

Beyoncé, ranks at number 36 and has 14 million followers and actually prefers to communicate in images. The list of the 100 most influential women reflects a true measure of influence: the importance of engaging with other people online. In collaboration with Twitter company SocialBro, the Huffington Post have ranked the most powerful 100 women.

The most influential women are all smart, successful and – inevitably – very popular. Most are from the music world, but women from other industries appear on the list. Such as: J K Rowling, actor Emma Watson, Tyra Banks Sarah Silverman and Victoria Beckham. See the entire list here

Source:Huffington Post

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