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Every so often I read a book that changes my life. It doesn’t happen often, and the last time it happened, I shared with you how Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert was changing the way I worked. That was last year, and now we’re on to 2018. This year has to be bigger, better, and braver than before. I personally think this is the year of looking after yourself. Anything negative from 2017 is over, it’s time to draw a line under it and make this the best year ever!

With that in mind, here’s a reading list that will fill your life with positivity and keep you in a go-getter mood!


1. Make Things Happen 2018 

Make Things Happen 2018 available here

Want to make this year your year? Our brand new book Make Things Happen has everything you’ll need to make next year a good one. Each month has its own chapter, starting in January, you’ll find a calendar for each month of the year that you can scribble all your important dates in. Each month has a theme, whether it’s productivity or self-love, and inside the chapter, you will find short advice on how to live your best life that month.

Every chapter is tailored to what you’ll need that month to stay on track, whether you need to take a break in February or start spring cleaning in March, all you have to do is get a pen and work through each chapter as it comes, fill in the workbook exercises, read the inspiration articles and live your best life! Get it here.


2. The Four Pillar Plan

The 4 Pillar Plan available here

When you’re trying to change your life, it’s easy to just try to change one area of it. For example, we say “This year, I’m going to get fit,” and ignore everything else. This book has already started to change my life because it focuses on the four pillars of life and how to balance them properly. For example, you can’t expect to get fit if you’re not sleeping enough or taking breaks from your phone.

This book is full of information on stress, well-being and why we need to simplify our lives, plus a few helpful exercises that will hold you accountable and help you find that perfect balance. I’m only a few pages in but it’s really helping me to stop overthinking everything and get the balance back in my life. Buy it here.


3. How to be an overnight success

How To Be An Overnight Success available here

This book inspired us all in the office. Maria Hatzistefanis is so inspiring because she’s so honest. She writes about her screw-ups, her insecurities, and her wins. She demystifies ‘overnight success’ and talks about her struggles to become recognized in the industry. If you’re thinking of starting a business, or already have one, there are some seriously good tips and tricks. From branding yourself to PR, this is the most real success guidebook you’ll ever read. Buy it here.


4. How To Win Friends & Influence People 

How To Win Friends And Influence People available here

If you haven’t yet read this book, now is the time. Learn about how to influence people around you with what you say and how you hold yourself. Everything you do from what you say to how you speak can influence others in a positive way, it sounds sleazy but actually, it’s all about learning to make meaningful connections in the world and understand people’s psychology. Buy it here.


5. When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing

When: The Scientific Secrets Of Perfect Timing available here.

This book will teach you the beauty of ‘when’. We all know that routines work, but more often than not we don’t know why. This book will uncover the hidden routines to tap into to make your life more productive, looking into psychology, biology, and economics you’ll be surprised to know that you can build the ideal schedule just by tweaking your day a little and turn a bad beginning into a fresh start. Buy it here.


6. Whatcha Gonna Do With That Duck 

Whatcha Gonna Do With That Duck available here

Seth Godin is a genius. He has one of the biggest business blogs in the world and shares so many fresh and inspiring thoughts on marketing and being an entrepreneur. This book collects the very best of his advice and wisdom for life, business, and learning. You will love this. Buy it here.


7. The Power Of Now 

The Power Of Now available here

This book is a little more spiritual than the others, Eckhart Tolle believes that the key to happiness is living in the now, and from the first page, you should be able to breathe lighter. Rid yourself of things that have been holding you back and become the best version of yourself. The version that lives in the now. Buy it here.


8. Eat That Frog 

Eat That Frog available here

Are you still struggling to be productive? To get up, show up, and get sh*t done? Then you need to read this book. If you feel like there just isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done on your to-do list, think again. Brian Tracy is about to change your life and teach you a trick or two involving ‘eating a frog’. Buy it here.


9. The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People 

7 Habits Of Highly Effective People available here

You have to read this if you haven’t already. This book is filled with the principles and strategies you need to become a better person. Further to that, it’s one of the only books that has directly affected the lives of the great people we see in society today. From CEOs to Presidents. It’s a true classic in self-help books and one that you need to make sure you read! Buy it here.


Have you read any of these before? Let me know if they helped you…



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  1. They all sound amazing! I will have to read The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People, thanks for sharing <3

  2. Lovely suggestions! I need to infuse more motivational and powerful books into my reading list. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Dale Carnegie is life changing! Would love to read Stephen Covey – I’ve heard it’s fantastic!

  4. That was an amazing suggestion. I have put some the books you mention into my reading list. I think I want to read “The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People”. I saw one blogger mentioning this book in her Instagram.

    Glace x |

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