The Secret To Thick Glossy Hair Overnight


Let’s face it, if there’s one thing we can all agree we want it’s perfect, thicker hair! I mean it would be the dream right? Who doesn’t want to wake up with hair that doesn’t freak you out in the morning? Trust me when I tell you that growing up I’ve constant struggles with my hair.

I was born with very limp, straight hair that didn’t even have one wave running through it. My hair was even so thin that my ears used to poke out (not a good look). And I’m not one of those girls who like to backcomb their hair either, so it left me with very few options. But I knew there was something I could do, there had to be something out there that could make it all easier.

Upon my findings, it turned out there was, or well at least a few things I could do to make it all better. And since I’ve started working in the media industry, where I get to try all the best products on the market I now even know how to get thicker hair overnight. It has become that simple. Want to know how I do it? Of course, you do…



Strengthen Your Hair 

You wouldn’t believe it, but it actually all starts with your shampoo and this, I can swear by! I stumbled across this when I was quite young and was so surprised at the difference! I remember I used to use the Bed Head Thickening Shampoo and my hair would be so thick afterward that I actually moaned about it.

Getting thicker hair can be as simple as just washing your hair. So, if you’re looking for a shampoo that works best you have to try the Christophe Robinwhich is a new found love of mine. I’ve recently started using Living Proof’s Full Shampoo. And it’s done a really great job at giving me a really great, natural, fuller look!


Living Proof Full Shampoo $25 available here


Extra Tip: For added volume try your washing your hair in reverse! What I mean is applying your conditioner before your shampoo. If you do this, you will be giving your hair the texture it needs to be fuller.


Don’t Back-Comb, Tease…

This is the oldest trick in the book but its one you can always rely on! A bit of strategic teasing can go a long way. Whilst teasing can also create volume means you don’t want to go over the top when doing it. Pick the areas that need it the most and be subtle!

As mentioned, I don’t like to go with the pageant look. But I simply use a tangle teaser, which you can get for next to nothing and rub it in circular motions at my root. This gives my hair a subtle boost of volume and creates a clean, ruffled look when paired with dry shampoo to thicken even more. And plus, the tangle teaser is perfect for removing any tangles caused after too! Mine literally travels with me.

Tangle Teezer The Original Detangling Hairbrush $15 available here



Change How You Brush

Overbrushing is not good for your hair – especially if you want think hair. And you have to be extra careful when you step out of the shower and brush the tangles out of your hair because it can cause split ends.

And the broken hair is a big no-no when it comes to thickness. Instead, try using a wide tooth comb, it will be a lot gentler and keep hair healthier. There’s a reason your hairdresser always uses a comb! Plus, every girl has to have one in her bag!


Buly 1803 Handle Comb available here



Drink Your Way To Good Hair

Did you know that Aloe Vera is packed full of vitamins and minerals that are amazing for your hair! Drinking it will improve the strength and thickness of your hair and even combats dandruff too! It’s so good for your hair that it’s often an ingredient that’s found in a lot of shampoos and conditioners! And I know that it’s not the tastiest thing to drink, but mixing it with other drinks makes it easier to swallow.


Create The Volume Yourself

You can achieve the appearance of fuller hair with a few styling tricks. Try running a small handful of mousse through your hair from root to end. And don’t be scared of mousse, it no longer gives you that crunchy effect like we’re used to. So, don’t feel nervous when applying it. At the moment I’m using the Thickening Mousse from Living Proof, I love their whole collection and you won’t be disappointed with the results!

After this, when blow drying your hair avoid drying it against your head. Instead, lift hair from your head and apply the heat to your roots. An old school trick is to dry your hair with your head between your legs. This will give you a healthy bounce that’s full of volume!

Living Proof Full Thickening Mousse $27 available here


Extra Touches

When you don’t have time to do any tricks or hacks spraying your hair with this spray will give your hair the instant hit of volume it needs. And because I love anything to do with OUAI, I believe it’s one of the best for giving your hair longlasting volume! One of my other favorites of theirs is the Wave Spray, and as mentioned my hair has no kink to it at all. But I always, always spritz some into my hair for an instant rustled look.

You can apply it before running out of the door ensuring that you’ve added some texture and even some shine to your hair too. So, if you suffer from fine, flat hair then this is the one for you!

OUAI Haircare Volume Spray $26 available here



Do you have any tricks and hacks for giving your hair volume? Share with me below…


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  1. Let’s talk when you hit 45!

    And, anyone that finds they are rapidly losing hair should go see their doctor. Sudden hair loss can be the signs of some underlying medical condition.

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