The One Thing Most People Regret Not Doing In Their 20’s



Want to know the 1 thing most people regret not doing in their 20’s?

It’s something you might not have done, yet. Or even thought about. Maybe you’re entering your thirties now, and thinking about all the things you could have done.

The actual answer to this is moving to a completely foreign city, alone.

It makes sense, moving somewhere new gives you a chance to redevelop yourself and stand on your own two feet. Giving you some independence for life.

So, no, it’s not about traveling more, it’s about escaping to the unknown, finding yourself and becoming an adult. So, do you want to know how you can do that?


1. Find the place for you

My place was always London, it was always was and it always will be. Moving to the big smoke was scary, but it appealed to me. I just always knew it was.

So, close your eyes and imagine your life somewhere else, where is it?

You might want to take five minutes to learn about the top cities to live like a local in. I started off by listing what my skills were and figuring out how I could apply them in London. You can also look at ways to make money with the skills you have, alongside any other job you’re looking to do while you live there.

2. Question your future

Assess always if this is the right time to do it for you, it could be that you need to finish school first and move away later. It’s all about timing.

Your move could even only be six months along. It all depends on your journey and it all depends on what you want out of it. It can be tricky to know what you want, but getting a break from the same thing you’ve always been doing could be just the key to living your best life. You can find a list of resources right here if you’re unsure about what you want to do with your life.


3. Create your plan 

You know where you’re going, you know for how long and for what. So, how much money do you need? Do you need to save?

Think about living arrangements and the cost you will need beforehand to get you started. It’s not as simple as just packing a bag and going, as romantic as it might sound.

Plan ahead and do some research. Be prepared and know about the customs of the place you are going. Remember it’s going to be your home and not a holiday. Apps like Daily Budget will help, you can save so much more with daily reminders, and those little amounts definitely add up – it can all help you enjoy life and go where you want to go.

4. Take the plunge

Moving to the city was in my bones. I had dreamed about it ever since I was a little girl. But, if you’re more of a home bird, you don’t need to go to the end of the world to find yourself.

You can be as close as home as you feel you need to be, but being away from home, by yourself marks the start of your life.

And it’s a scary step to take. At first, it won’t be the nicest, but it will also come with its many benefits.



Do you want to move somewhere else? Tell us where! 



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