Things All 20-Somethings Will Remember About Growing Up With The Internet


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There are certain social media crimes that we have all committed during our early days of the internet that none of us want to relive. This doesn’t stop our friends being far too keen to point out all of the cringe-worthy statuses and days of MSN though and if Timehop reminds me one more time about my over enthusiastic use of emojis or kisses in a status my face may turn an entirely different shade of red altogether.

#1 The horror of our first email address 

Something seems to possess us all when choosing our first email address because for some reason picking out an utterly humiliating name like [email protected] was so cool. All existence of it had to be deleted immediately and replaced with a more normal, acceptable address…like, I don’t know, your actual name(?!).

#2 Waiting for your crush to sign in on MSN 

Oh the days of MSN, littered with statuses that caused arguments, constant nudging, waiting for your crush and changing the font you wrote in far more than was necessary because it was the height of cool. We miss you MSN.

#3 Cryptic Facebook statuses

Facebook is home to photographic evidence of badly cut box fringes, awful spelling and pointless statuses telling the world that you had a cheese sandwich for lunch or those cryptic hateful messages when you’re upset. And when a flurry of friends comment so that they can be in on the gossip you replied with ‘dw babes’ or ‘inbox me x’ because the attention was glorious. And let’s not forget the endless need to quote lyrics like a true angsty teenager.

#4 When you became a vlogger on YouTube

The shockingly short YouTube video that you filmed via your grainy webcam. Sporting a cool hoodie and crimped hair, whilst you sang your heart out and added a little dance routine if you were brave enough. Or maybe you were into making videos of all your friends with heartfelt soundtracks.

Or were you the type that gave tutorials featuring Miss Sporty eyeliner and eyeshadow that probably came from a cracker by the state of the colors?

Clearing your internet history doesn’t seem enough and leaves you hoping to God that you won’t get into a relationship with some tech whizz that can uncover all of the secrets that you intend to carry with you to the grave. But we can take some comfort in the fact that we’ve all been there…I hope. And at least we can have a giggle in the morning at our Timehop, even if it is excruciating to think it was once what you actually wanted to share with everybody.

By Scarlet Emily

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  • clxelouise

    Remember basically typing in all emojis on MSN too! Or chaging your MSN status when your crush signed in just so he could see you were online and active! Hahaha!
    Cloe X

    • Oh yes! Classic hahahah

  • Camille Beygui

    Ahah this is way too true

  • Jennifer Frank

    hahaha literally though. I’m sure my first email address was jenny loves greenday or something like that, terrible.
    jen / enter my too faced giveaway x

  • Hillary Flinn

    My dad created my first email for me in Grade 1 — we both thought “hillystargirl” was super cool.
    Not to mention the classic message to your crush, followed by “Oops! Wrong convo!” …Or maybe that was just me and my friends!

    Hillary |

  • Cassie

    I have had sooo many email addresses that I regret, even the one that I created just after college I hate now.. Maybe I’m just flighty, or endlessly embarrassing

  • amelia

    LOL the lyric quoting… TOO REAL! I’m dying, this is amazing.

  • Elishia

    Oh the embarrassment of being able to nod along knowingly (poodle88 rest in peace)… but I was never into Youtube, I only started watching last year when my friend introduced me to the amazing-ness!

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