The Six Things Everybody Trying To Make Money On Instagram Understands



If you’re savvy enough to be making money through social media, you know a thing or two about how hard it can be.

It’s hard out there for entrepreneurs, especially those profiting off new media, where so much is still unexplored. If you’re trying to make money off of Instagram, here are 6 things we bet you’ve encountered….


Taking 14,863 photos of the same item to only end up with two “marketable” shots. 
And the alarm you set on your phone so that you can post one of them – with a perfect filter and caption of course – at a peak time.

Checking out your competitors and wishing you’d thought of their concepts. 
A coconut water post that’s a GIF made from scratch of a coconut turning into water? GENIUS.


Trying to strike that fine balance of being inspired by your competitors, without actually copying them.
I mean, if you did the same thing with a raspberry turning into a smoothie through a GIF, that’s totally different!! Right?
The hashtags. Oh, the hashtags. 
#Igoogledwhatwastrending #forafullhour #beforeIposted #justsoIwouldgettraction #lovelaughlove #blessed

The shoutouts you consider just to expand your follower base. 
Posting for other accounts is the best way to trade followers, no? Even if the people who want to shout out to you have nothing to do with your industry….

Contemplating joining an undiscovered tribe when it gets too overwhelming.
Then putting your phone down, promising you’ll take a break from social media. Feeling confident about this decision…then launching yourself across the room as soon as you hear the Instagram “DING!”


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Charlotte Bailey


Charlotte Bailey is an freelance writer living in London. Originally from Canada, she's a word nerd, compulsive list-maker, and lover of novels & film.

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