All The Things Kim Kardashian West Taught Us About Life

Kim Kardashian West, mother, reality TV star and businesswoman offers some very important life lessons that are worth considering. She’s shown that she can juggle being a mother and a television personality as well as supporting her husband Kanye West in his ventures. You might be surprised by the lessons we can learn from Kim Kardashian.

Family first

Like most families, the Kardashian clan has had its own disagreements. But despite this, they are still a very close-knit family who put each other first. Not only are they in business together, they rally around whoever is in need and support each other through everything. Like Kim, embrace and appreciate your family, you never know when you’ll need them most.

Wake up early

Kim is a very shrewd businesswoman who makes the most of her 24-hour day. She wakes up early and gets things done, albeit with the help of an entourage of make up artists and fashion designers. If you are most productive in the morning, get hard things like the gym done then you can spend the rest of your day doing whatever you want. If you’re not a morning person, find your most productive time of day and maximise it.

Don’t be afraid to change your look

We all remember Kim’s daring platinum blonde look for Paris Fashion Week. As controversial as it was, it showed that Kim was brave and welcomes change. Sometimes, we’re afraid of trying new things in fear of being judged, but like Kim, we ought to be daring. Don’t be afraid to try out a new look. A new hair colour doesn’t have to be permanent. You never know, you might like the new you.

Haters gonna hate

There will always be haters. As well as amassing a large group of fans, Kim has an equally large number of people that don’t agree with who she is or what she has achieved. Rather than letting these people get her down, Kim has used their criticism as fuel. Her fame has increased despite the negative criticism that she gets. It’s easy for us girls to have our spirits dampened by haters, but we shouldn’t let this affect us. We will be successful whether other people approve of us or not so let’s continue on our journeys.

Be comfortable in your own skin

She didn’t break the internet, but Kim was happy to have her bare bottom published on the front cover of Paper magazine for all to see. She also suffers from psoriasis, a skin condition that leaves her skin incredibly dry. But despite this, Kim is very comfortable in her own skin. She reminds us that no one is perfect, we all have flaws, but taking what we have and turning it into something positive is the key to being confident and comfortable in our own skin.

Keep smiling

Kim struggled with fertility issues before North was born. This obviously took its toll on her but she kept smiling. She reminds us girls that life doesn’t always go to plan – things don’t happen at exactly the time we want them to. But instead of letting it get to us, looking on the positive side is the best thing to do.

By Samantha Maden

  1. Great post with even better points. Not people see how hardworking and professional Kim really is, the focus so much on the other stuff.

  2. Family first or money & fame?
    Like your own skin or have million plastic surgeries?
    Come on, she’s a role model for emptiness and no moral values.

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